Akathist for the repose of Those Who have fallen asleepkontakion 1

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Shedding silent tears at the graves of our relatives, we pray with hope, and cry expectantly: Tell us, O Lord, that their sins are forgiven. Give our spirit a secret assurance of it, that we may sing: ALLELUIA.
Looking back, I see the whole of our past life. What a vast multitude of people have departed from the first day until now! And many of them have done me good. In gratitude for what I owe them, with love I cry to Thee:
Grant heavenly glory, O Lord,
to my parents and those near and dear to me who watched over my cradle in childhood, and reared and educated me.
Glorify, O Lord, in the presence of the Holy Angels
all who have told me the glad tidings of salvation and have taught me what is right and good, just and true by the holy example of their lives.
Fill with delight, O Lord,
those who fed me on hidden manna in the days of my sorrow and affliction.
Recompense and save all benefactors
and all who have helped others personally and by prayer.
O Lord of unutterable Love, remember Thy servants who have fallen asleep.

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