Ais 102 American Indians and the U. S. Political System Fall 2004

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Ca. Buckwheat: The leaves of older plants, Eriogonum fasciculatum (Polygonaceae) was used to prepare a rather strong decoction for stomach disorders. This decoction was also effective as a diuretic and to effect uterine shrinkage in cases of dysmenorrhea.

Sagebrush: A tea from the boiled plant, Artemisia californica, California coastal sagebrush Asteraceae) (hulvul) and administered to induce menstrual activity and for childbirth, especially post-natal.

Buckthorn: Buckthorn or Cascara Sagrada, Rhamnus californica (Rhamnaceae) was also very famous since it was used and still is used in American pharmacopoeia. The dried bark is used principally to cure constipation with laxative/purgative action.

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