Ais 102 American Indians and the U. S. Political System Fall 2004

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Brodiaea: Brodiaea californicum, Ca. clusterlily or brodiaea (Lilaceae) was much more abundant in aboriginal times and extensively used. Luiseno women used digging sticks, often weighted, and only harvested larger corms, while turning under smaller ones to propagate for future harvest. Such management, with controlled burning, actually increased such crops.

Broomrape: Orbanche californica, California broomrape (Orbanchaceae). This is a parasitic plant growing in association with a number of other plant communities.

Soaplily: Chlorgalum parviforum, soaplilly or amole (Liliaceae). This important lily was cooked for food, but the bulb was also used as a shampoo and as a neurotoxin to stun and catch fish.

Goldenstar: Bloomeria crocea, common goldenstar (Liliaceae). A number of bulbs were used from various lilies.

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