Air Tight Hole Fights Gravity Pull Curriculum: 5-4-03: Weather

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Jamie Friesen

Air Tight Hole Fights Gravity Pull

5-4-03:Weather: Language application to describe properties of air: properties;

volume (air); pressure (air exerts).

6-2-01: Flight: Language application when focusing on forces of air pressure and gravity: pressure (air exerts); gravity; unbalanced forces.
8-3-05: Fluids: Language application in determining factors that affect flow within a given system: fluid; flow; pressure; pneumatic; hydraulic.

Additional word to introduce: cohesion (water).

Materials required: Scissors; plastic bottle with screw-on top; water.

Additional materials for further exploration: straw; carbonated liquid; heated liquid.
Safety considerations: Take care when using sharp scissors to puncture hole; Water dripping on floor could cause slipping hazard; students may fall out of their seats with amazement due to disequilibrium.
Experiment procedure:
1. “Here is a bottle holding water, what do you think would happen if this bottle had a hole in the side of it?” (Class makes prediction:water will leak out of hole”)
2. Take an empty bottle of the same type, use scissors to make a small hole in the side of the bottle near its bottom. “Lets see what happens with this bottle that has a hole on the side. I am going to fill it with water.”

Over a sink or basin, cover the hole with your finger and fill the bottle to the top with water.

Screw on the bottle cap, hold up the bottle, and say, “Now I will move my finger that is plugging the hole”… WOW!!!

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