Agricultural Revolution Webquest

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Agricultural Revolution Webquest

This webquest will help with your exploration of early man, hunter-gatherer societies, and the agricultural revolution.  You will go to different websites to see what the earliest hominids looked like, what the tools they used looked like and learn how hunter-gatherer societies functioned and how human beings went from hunter-gathers to farmers.
Write the questions on a separate sheet of lined, three-hole notebook , then answer each completely using the information you find by following the provided links.

To learn how the earliest hominids looked, visit this website and answer the following questions.  Click on each head to find the information needed.

1.  What is the name of the oldest hominid form ever found and how old is it?

2.  What did the earliest (first five) hominids eat?
3.  What set Homo rudolfensis apart from other hominids of their time?
4.  What other group of mankind has lived within the last 30,000 years?

To learn about the tools used by Stone Age humans, visit the following website.

5.  What was the "Swiss Army Knife" of the Stone Age?

6.  What replaced handaxes?
7.  What was the main cause of death for people during the Stone Age?

To learn about hunting and gathering, visit the following website:

8.  What type of animals did the earliest humans seek to kill?  How did they kill them?

9.  What did they put on the tips of spears to help kill animals?

More about hunting and gathering:

10.  True or false:  The purpose of a hunter-gatherer society is to exploit as many resources as possible.

11.  What did hunter-gatherers in arctic and subarctic climates rely most on?
12.  When did hunter-gatherers move?
13.  Do hunter gatherers accumulate wealth?  How does this shape their attitude toward outsiders?
14.  Are there class distinctions in hunter gatherer societies?  Why or why not?
15.  Is there a high birth rate in hunter gatherer societies?  Why or why not?

Visit the following website to learn about how farming began and how it effected society:

16.  What were some of the first crops and animals cultivated? 

17.  Name at least three things that changed in society due to farming.

More about agriculture:

18.  Define sedentism.

19.  In what part of the world is the earliest evidence of farming found?
20.  Name and explain four negatives of agriculture.
21.  Name three problems that arose with humans living a sedentary (permanent) way of life.

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