Age of Revolution

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Unit: Age of Revolution

Updated 11/17/10

Grade Level/Course 10th Grade World History

Teacher McDonald

Learning Goals (Question 1)


Understand: the revolutions as they occurred throughout the Enlightenment and their effects on political, economic, and cultural institutions around the world including the Impact of Galileo, Newton, and Copernicus, the reaction of the religious community, the events and ideas leading to parliamentary government, and the American Revolution, the Napoleonic era, and the rise of Latin American Democracies.


Know: the democratic, scientific, technological, and social revolutions that developed throughout the Enlightenment and their effects; political, economic, and cultural.

Planning for Question 2

Planning for Question 3

Planning for Question 4

Critical Input Chunk


Actively Process

Create a diagram designed to illustrate the similarities and differences between the Ptolemaic Universe and the Copernican Universe
Create a chart comparing the Three Estates in Pre-Revolutionary France. From looking at your chart, what inferences can you draw about why a revolution occurred in France?
Examine the different systems of government in France from 1789 to 1812. Which was the most democratic? Which form of government was the most effective and why?

You are Galileo testifying before the Church Inquisition. You are defending your statement that contrary to Church teaching the earth revolves around the Sun. What evidence can you give to support your statement? What evidence can you give to contradict the Church’s teaching.
Imagine that you are an enlightened monarch who wants to reform your country. What reforms will you initiate? Which thinker will most influence your reform plans? What problems might you encounter?

  • Videos:

  • Audio:

    • Bach Mass in B Minor

    • Handel’s Messiah

  • PPTs:

    • Revolution & Enlightenment 1550-1800

    • The French Revolution and Napoleon 1789-1815

  • Read Chapter s 10 & 11 in World History Modern Times

  • Lecture on vocabulary

Discuss the Mozart Effect and Baby Einstein commerial programs for creating smart babies.
Discuss whether or not the world is flat and how we know this.
Discuss the idea of democracy and citizenship.

  • Take notes over and discuss the Scientific Revolution PPT

  • Take notes over and discuss Enlightenment PPT

  • Take notes over and discuss Absolutism and Enlightened Absolutist Monarchs PPT.

  • Take notes over and discuss American Revolution, PPT

  • Take notes over and discuss French Revolution PPT

Resources: World History Modern Times: Presentation Plus CD, (PowerPoints), Teacher Express CD, Textbook;

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