Age of Napoleon Napoleon’s Rises to Power

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Age of Napoleon

  1. Napoleon’s Rises to Power

    1. Napoleon was born in __________, a French-ruled island in the _____________ Sea

    2. At the age of ____ he was sent to France to be trained for a military career

    3. At the age of _____ he was made a lieutenant.

    4. Fights the ___________ in Egypt where he is defeated and hides stories of his defeats

    5. In 1799 he overthrew the weak French government called the _____________

    6. He invited the _______ to come to his coronation. He took the crown from the ______ and crowned himself.

  2. Napoleon Reforms France

    1. Napoleon won support across ________ lines.

    2. Passed a new law code called the __________________ Code

      1. Promised equality of all _______________

      2. ___________ toleration

      3. Abolition of _________________.

  3. Napoleon Builds an Empire

    1. As a military leader Napoleon favored rapid troop ______________.

    2. He incorporated into his empire the Netherlands, ______________, parts of Italy and Germany, and abolished the __________________ Empire.

    3. Once he captured these areas he placed his ____________ as leaders.

    4. Napoleon could not get to ___________ because of their powerful _________.

    5. Passed the ___________________________, which closed European ports to British goods in an effort to cripple ___________.

    6. This plan was ________________ because Britain still had access to trade routes in _______________ and _____________.

    7. As Napoleon crossed Europe he placed this new idea of nationalism into the minds of people which later backfires because France is seen as the ___________.

  4. Napoleon’s Empire Faces Challenges

    1. His downfall begins when he invades ______________.

    2. Napoleon enters Russia with ______________ men.

    3. Russian strategy was to retreat and burn towns and crops leaving nothing for the French to use, this was called ______________________.

    4. After the march into Russia France leaves with _____________ men

  5. Napoleon Falls from Power

    1. After returning from Russia Napoleon is exiled to the island of ________ and ____________ is restored to the throne in France and is the brother of Louis XVI.

    2. The restoration of the new king doesn’t go _____________.

    3. ______________ escapes from his exile and returns to France.

    4. The countries of Europe raise an army to stop the return of Napoleon.

    5. On June 18, 1815 the combined European forces meet Napoleon at the Battle of ______________ under the command of the __________________________.

    6. Napoleon was again set into exile to the island of _______________ located in the South Atlantic.

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