Age of Jackson Notes Suffrage

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Age of Jackson Notes

Suffrage –

Caucus - closed political meetings

-Party officials gathered in private meetings to nominate people for office

-Some people felt it limited democracy

Nominating Conventions - delegates from each state cast their votes for political candidates

Election of 1824:

Winner - _______________________, (6th President of the United States)

“Corrupt Bargain” –

Election of 1828 –

Winner - ______________________, (7th President of the United States)

Key Points in Jackson’s Presidency

Spoils System – practice of dismissing government officials who are affiliated with a defeated party and replacing them with supporters of a winning party

-Kitchen Cabinet --- group of his own political advisers

War with the Bank –wanted it to have limited powers and not have complete control over credit

  • Jackson had ___________________put federal funds into certain state banks, known as _____ banks.

Tariff of Abominations – was the tariff passed by Congress in 1828 because they wanted people to buy American goods, __________________ nicknamed it this because they hated it.

State’s Rights –Calhoun raised the issue, believing that an individual states should restrict federal authority

Jackson vs. Calhoun

  • Both disagreed on this issue and led to the Nullification Crisis

  • Jackson supported power of the federal government over states

  • Calhoun promoted states’ supremacy over the union

Nullification Crisis

  • Law declared the tariff “null, void, and no law”

  • People in the South talked about seceding from the __________________

Trial of Tears

  • Forced movement west, ____________________, leader was _____________________ because of the ______________ Act.

  • 1/8 of their people died on this journey

Election of 1836

Winner - _________________________

Panic of 1837

  • Caused by: (specie is hard cash in the form of gold or silver)

    • Several important banks closed on the East coast

    • Land speculation

    • Lack of specie available to cover paper notes generated

    • Specie circular that required specie in order to buy gov’t land

    • Loss of confidence in banks

    • Dropping prices

    • Poor crop yields

Election of 1840

Campaign Slogan: _______________________________________

Log Cabin Campaign

Winner - ____________________________

What happened to the President shortly after he was elected?

Who became President after this President died?

Political Cartoon

What symbols do the cartoonist use to suggest kings and queens?
What symbols are used to represent the United States?
How does the cartoonist use labels and captions?
What does the cartoonist want readers to think of President Jackson?

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