After 1st Vespers/Matins

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After 1st Vespers/Matins Kathisma:

For Thine is the dominion, and Thine is the kingdom, and the power and the glory: …

After 2nd Vespers/Matins Kathisma:

For a good God art Thou and the lover of mankind, and to Thee do we send up glory:

After 3rd Vespers Kathisma:

For Thou art our God, and unto Thee do we send up glory;
After 3rd Matins Kathisma:

For blessed is Thy name, and glorified is Thy kingdom:

Vespers Prayer of the Entry:
Evening, morning and noonday, we praise Thee, we bless Thee, we give thanks unto Thee and we pray Thee, O Master of all: Direct our prayer as incense before Thee, and incline not our hearts unto words or thoughts of evil, but deliver us from all that hunt after our souls; for unto Thee, O Lord, O Lord, are our eyes, and in Thee have we hoped, let us not be put to shame, O our God.
For unto Thee is due all glory, honor and worship: to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

Matins_:__For_Thou_art_our_God,_and_unto_Thee_do_we_send_up_glory;_…__After_the_6_th__Ode_in'>After the 3rd Ode in Matins:
For Thou art our God, and unto Thee do we send up glory;

After the 6th Ode in Matins:
For Thou art the King of Peace and the Savior of our souls, and unto Thee do we send up glory:

After the 9th Ode in Matins:
For all the Host of Heaven praise Thee, and unto Thee do we send up glory:

Prayer of the First Hour:
O Christ the True Light, Who enlightenest and sanctifiest every man that cometh into the world: Let the light of Thy countenance be signed upon us, that in it we may see the unapproachable Light, and guide our steps in the doing of Thy commandments, through the intercessions of Thy most pure mother, and all of Thy saints. Amen.

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