African proverbs

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African history and culture was passed down from generation to generation orally. Stories, songs, and dance were used by elders to teach the children their history and how to survive in an often times harsh environment. Some stories were proverbs, which is a story that has a moral meaning that must be figured out.
Read the following African proverbs and match them to their meanings.

  1. _____ One falsehood spoils a thousand truths. A. Overconfidence is deadly.

2. _____ Fire and gunpowder do not sleep well B. Don’t draw undue attention to

together. yourself.

3. _____ If there were no elephant in the jungle C. A person’s character has more value

. the buffalo would be a great animal. then what he/she has accomplished.

  1. _____ If you are hiding, don’t light a fire. D. A lie ruins the trust of your words.

5. _____ It is the calm and silent water that drowns E. There is always someone bigger,

a man. badder, and tougher.

6. _____ When you follow in the path of your father F. Choose your friends wisely or the

you learn to walk like him. relationship can be explosive.

  1. _____ Judge a man by how far he’s come rather G. Who your role model is, is who you

how far he’s gone. will become.

  1. _____An eye is sharper than a razor H. There is no escaping your fate

  1. _____Working is an obedient child, I. A look is very effective at sending a

sleeping hungry is one’s choice. message

  1. _____A day a monkey is destined to die, J. If you work hard, you will succeed, if

every tree is slippery. you don’t, you will fail
Write your own proverb! With your group, create a COMPLETELY NEW proverb. Write it here and explain its meaning. Worth 5 points

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