African Civilizations Group Project Introduction

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African Civilizations Group Project


As you’ve learned Africa is one of the largest and most diverse areas of the world. It is a region that has spawned a number of civilizations over time. The culture of these civilizations have influenced the lives of Africans and African-Americans over the years and are essential in understanding the world in which we live.


Your group will act as a public relations team for your assigned civilization.

Your group must produce a presentation with the intention of increasing tourism or new residents to your civilization. This presentation can be in a variety of forms including (but not limited to) a brochure, a power point presentation, an article, an interview, a commercial, etc. BE CREATIVE!!!!

You must also include visuals such as a map(s) and/or relevant pictures/illustrations to enhance your presentation.

In your presentation you must include information about each of the following aspects of a complex society:

    • politics (laws, leaders, diplomacy, etc.)

    • economy (trade, agriculture, etc.)

    • religion (God(s), forms of worship, etc.)

    • society (social classes, Gender roles, etc.)

    • technology (can include writing)

    • arts (art, architecture, etc.)

Remember, there may be some negative things in your civilizations, but you must include them. However, you may put a positive spin on negative aspects of life in your civilization as long as you are honest. Remember to educate and encourage your classmates to visit.

Your Civilization: _________________________

Due Date: _______________________________

Group Members: _________________________________________

1. Egypt

2. Mali

4. Kongo/Angola

5. Senegambia -- Akan States

6. The Kingdom of Benin

7. Ghana

8. Kush

9. Songhai

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