African and the Middle East

_Iron Ore and Coal_ 2._Capital (money)

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1._Iron Ore and Coal_ 2._Capital (money)__
Name three effects of the Ind. Rev.: 1._Laissez-Faire (hands in the air!)___ 2._Rise of Big Business_ 3.__Urbanization__ 4. New class structure 5.Terrible Working conditions___
Karl Marx believed that all of history was the history of “__class struggles____”
Marx predicted the __lower class (bourgeoisie)_ would overthrow the _upper class (proletariat)__ and create a classless society
Name two causes of European Imperialism: 1._Nationalism___ 2.__Desire for colonies and overseas markets_
Idea that it was Europeans duty to civilize the natives of the colonies: __”White Man’s Burden” (the poem)_
Two effects of the Berlin Conference: 1.__Set up rules for colonizing Africa___

2.___Avoid war between European Countries____
What was the purpose of the Sepoy (India) and Boxer (China) Rebellions? _

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