African and the Middle East

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Natural Rights__ Different than Hobbes? __People are greddy and selfish and need strong government____
Name three causes of French Rev:

1.___Absolute Monarchy___ 2.___Dissasfaction of the Third Estate 3._American Revolution_
Name three effects of the French Rev:

1.___Democratic ideals introduced 2.__Napoleon 3.__Nationalism/influenced other revolutions__

Name two purposes of the Congress of Vienna: 1._Return Europe to pre-Napoleon Empire___

2.Force Napoleon to step down___
Which two revolutions inspired Latin American revolutions? 1. American__ & 2.___French_____
What do Garibaldi, Toussaint L’Ouverture, Father Hidalgo and Simon Bolivar have in common? Latin American Rev. Leaders
How did Otto von Bismarck unify Germany? “_Blood__ & _Iron__”
Which two resources were essential to industrialization in England?

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