African and the Middle East

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Constantinople. It becomes: Istanbul (capitol of modern day Turkey)_

How did the Byzantine Empire influence the Russians: 1. Language (cyrillc)

2.Religion (Eastern Orthodox) 3.Greek and Roman Culture__
What were three similarities between the Golden ages of Islam, the Tang and Song dynasties, and the Gupta Empire?

1.__Achievements____ 2.__Wealth____ 3.__Peace___ 4.Population Growth_____

What is Feudalism? __exchange of Land for Loyalty, rigid social class system___________________

Who had feudalism? Europe in the Middle Ages_ & ___Japan______

Who followed the code of chivalry? _Knights__ What can that be compared to? _Bushido for Samurai___

Name 3 causes of the Crusades: 1.__Reclaim Holy Land for Chirstianity__ 2._Goods from the Middle East

3._Free from Feudal obligations

Name 3 Effects of the Crusades

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