African American Vernacular English

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African American Vernacular English

African American Vernacular English (AAVE), also known as African American English (AAE), African American Language (AAL), Black English, and Ebonics, is a widely spoken dialect of American English. AAVE is mistaken by many as ______________________________English.

Words, Sounds, and Grammar



“Man, I didn’t make no bread workin’ at the restaurant tonight. I’m broke.”


Flashy jewelry

“He got bling ‘round his neck.”



“Wanna chill at my crib tonight to study for maf? I gotta ax you a question.”

Translate these sentences

Dang, she is thirsty, callin’ my phone!

Her clothes are rachet!

I was glaring at Mrs. Case all class because I cannot stand her!

Will you please mind your own business?

Can you come up with AAVE words or phrases you have heard before or use yourself?

Download 8.77 Kb.

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