African-American History – Mrs. Bedford-Carter

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(The actual reading is attached)

You will place this information inside of your notebooks – please label your work as:

  • Assignment Number? 4th Quarter – Black Wall Street- Write out all questions and answer completely

  1. In your opinion, why does the article begin discussing the Oklahoma City Bombing?

  2. How is the riot described? What is meant by “A Black Holocaust in America?

  3. Using bullet points, explain when, what and how black wall street was destroyed

  4. What made this black section of town so prosperous? What did they have in their community?

  5. Black Wall Street has been called Little Africa, the Greenwood district and a “mini Beverly Hills.” What happened in this area or what did they have that made it comparable to Beverly Hills? Provide as many examples as possible

  6. What was the population of this area? How did children dress at school? What did this represent?

  7. Define nepotism. What was stated about nepotism? Do you agree with this? Why or why not?

  8. Why might someone argue that segregation/Jim Crow laws made “Black Wall Street” successful?

  9. What were a few examples of how wealthy some of the residents were?

  10. According to the article, what was the KKK’s involvement in the destruction of Black Wall Street?

  11. What was revealed about the word “picnic?”

  12. What three things does the writer want to convey to the reader toward the end of the article? Explain

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Download 45.5 Kb.

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