African-American History – Mrs. Bedford-Carter

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African-American History – Mrs. Bedford-Carter - Breaking the Chains

Questions – After reading and answering each, find evidence from the article that supports the question or claim and explain how it’s related to the claim or question.

  1. None of us are slaves today, and we don’t know anybody who is or was a slave. So why would we be traumatized by something we can’t actually experience?

Your answer:

Based on the evidence from the reading, Joy DeGruy emphasizes

  1. Everyone, regardless of race, has dysfunctions. But what are some of the specific behaviors we exhibit today that can be traced directly back to slavery?

Your answer:

Based on the evidence from the reading, Gail Wyatt claims

Based on the evidence from the reading, DeGruy-Leary asserts

  1. How does the legacy of slavery affect our sexuality? (After finding the evidence with the explanation, write your response)

According to Wyatt,

Brenda Wade argues

DeGruy-Leary contends

  1. How have the divisions that were created by the institution of slavery remained with us? Where in the letter, I Hate Being Me,

Can you find evidence to support what is being purported or alleged? Provide the evidence

  1. How has slavery shaped the way we now feel about ourselves according o the experts? Do you agree or disagree? What can you add to the argument?

  1. Define oppression. Has any good come out of oppression according to the experts? Explain

  1. According to the three experts, how do we break the chains of ignorance and move forward? Can you add anything else?

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