Africa: Physical Features Chapt 19, Sect 1

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AFRICA: Physical Features ______________ Chapt 19, Sect 1

  1. What are the four regions of Africa and how do they differ geographically?

While the text describes four regions, in class we discussed five regions – North Africa and four Sub-Saharan regions (East, West, Central, South). North Africa includes most of the Sahara Desert (arid climate); religion is primarily Islam; ethnic groups and language are Arabic primarily; and coastal plains are Mediterranean climate. West Africa is the most populated, as it has the best farming area (flat, good soil, plenty of rain, great climate), as it is most grassland. The Niger River is located in West Africa. East Africa is sparsely populated, as it is the area that includes mountains and high, rocky plateaus. This is the area that includes the Great Rift Valley, and the beginning of the Nile River (Blue Nile and White Nile). Central Africa contains the Congo River Basin, and is hot and humid. Central Africa includes a rain forest that is about the same size as India. Southern Africa is comprised mainly of rocky plateaus and low coastal plains. The Zambezi River flows through this region.

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