Afghan troop switch disadvantage

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Thesis: The thesis of this disadvantage is that a substantial reduction in the US military presence in the world will cause the troops to be reallocated to Afghanistan—worsening the terrorist risk and emboldening the Taliban. President Obama is currently launching a large troop surge in Afghanistan, which makes the country a likely target for troops that are reduced elsewhere. However, our troop presence in Afghanistan only causes an increase in civilian casualties and resentment among the people of Afghanistan, making the security situation worse. This disadvantage is particularly potent against teams that do not identify what will be done with the troops that are removed from one of the topic countries. The Negative can argue they will merely be reallocated elsewhere, preventing the benefits to overall troop readiness and morale, while making the situation in Afghanistan worse at the same time. Obviously, this disadvantage should only be run against non-Afghanistan cases, as the Affirmative plan in an Afghanistan case would be withdrawing all the troops from Afghanistan, making the impacts to the disadvantage advantages to the Affirmative case.


Afghan Troop Switch DA Shell (1/1) 2

Uniqueness: US Lacks the Troops to Expand in Afghanistan Now 3

Links: New Troops Will Go To Afghanistan 4

Links: South Korea Specific 5

Answers to Link Turn: Expansion Allows for Withdrawal 6

Brinks: Now Key Time 7

Internal Links: New Troops Will Go To Afghanistan 8

Impacts: Escalating the War in Afghanistan Causes Terrorism 9

Impacts: Afghan Stability 10

Impacts: Civilian Casualties 11

Impacts: US Economy 12

Afghan Troop Switch Answers 13

Download 51.92 Kb.

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