Advanced placement united states history course syllabus 2013-2014 mrs. Kelli jarrett

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Reading Assignments from the textbook and primary source documents followed by analysis activities using APPARTS method, whole and small group discussions and writing activities. Reading assignments are assigned from primary and secondary sources, handout excerpts, novels, and various reader text and internet sources.

  • Students will use a variety of teacher given internet site (s) for each unit.


    All of the assigned readings will be completed as outside assignments prior to scheduled class discussions, Students are introduced in these lessons to the concepts of categorizing documents, recognizing bias in documents, and gleaming historical evidence from documents. An essay interpreting the document concludes each unit. Each unit will utilize discussions about the related historiography: how interpretations of events have changed over time, how the issues of one time have impacted the lives of future generations and how the past shapes the world today. These discussions will be on-going throughout the course.

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