Advanced placement united states history course syllabus 2013-2014 mrs. Kelli jarrett

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Additional Readings:

Primary Source Documents for AP US History

Ronald Reagan, The Evil Empire, 1983 pg 389-391

Jonathon Kozol, A Homeless Family 1986 pg 392-395

Jesse Jackson, Common Ground, 1988 pg 397-399

For the Record: A Documentary History of America Volume 2

“The Evil Empire” (1983) pg 345

“Tear Down this Wall” (1987) pg 346

Document Research activity: Each student will be placed on a team of 4 members. The team will be asked to locate 16 documents that address the evolution of terrorism in the United States from the 1970’s to the current date. The students will be asked to look for documents that led to government restrictions, oil crisis and/or conflicts. The groups will develop a DBQ using their documents, a rubric and required information list. The students will exchange their DBQ with another group and answer in class. At the end of class, the author of the DBQ will give a brief “reporting out” of critical information to answer their DBQ.
Unit FRQ will include:

. "Landslide presidential victories do not ensure continued political effectiveness or legislative success." Assess the validity of this statement by comparing TWO of the following presidential administrations.

Franklin Roosevelt (1936) Lyndon Johnson (1964)

Richard Nixon (1972) Ronald Reagan (1984) (2007)

The Unit Test will be given April 4, 2014. The test will have multiple choice questions, FRQ and DBQ.

April 7-May 8, 2014 will be spent as a review time.

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