Advanced Placement U. S. History Unit X: Imperialism & Progressivism Reading Assignments

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Advanced Placement U.S. History

Unit X: Imperialism & Progressivism

Reading Assignments:

  • American Pageant Chapters 27, 28, 29

  • The Story of American Freedom, chapter 7

  • Documents as assigned

Essential Questions:

  • To what extent and in what ways was late nineteenth century and early twentieth century

  • United States expansionism a departure from past exapansions?

  • Explain the ways in which the Boxer Rebellion, the Open Door notes and the Portsmouth

  • and Algeciras Conferences signaled a new direction for American foreign policy.

  • How did the Roosevelt Corollary distort the Monroe Doctrine? What were the

  • consequences of the Roosevelt Corollary for American relations with Latin America?

  • To what extent were the Progressives related to and derived from the Populists of the

  • 1890s? Consider such things as origins, political impact, supporters, platforms and level of

  • success. Give specific examples to support your arguments

  • Using the reading from the Foner book, analyze the way understandings of liberty shifted

  • during the Progressive period. Make specific references to past eras such as the

  • Revolutionary era, Jacksonian period and Civil War and Reconstruction in forming your

  • Analysis

Vocabulary to know:

Alfred Thayer Mahan

Roosevelt Corollary

dollar diplomacy

Valeriano Weyler

Portsmouth Conference

Ballinger-Pinchot affair

George Dewey

Gentlemen’s Agreement

Herbert Croley

Emilio Aguinaldo

Jacob Riis

Louis Brandeis


Lincoln Steffens

Pancho Villa


Robert LaFollette

John J. Pershing

yellow peril

John Muir

Charles Evans Hughes

Pan-American Conference

Eugene Debs New Nationalism

Maine initiative New Freedom

Teller Amendment


Underwood Tariff Bill

Rough Riders


Federal Reserve Act

Foraker Act


Federal Trade Commission Act

insular cases

Sixteenth Amendment

Workingmen’s Compensation Act

Platt Amendment

Seventeenth Amendment


Philippine insurrection

Eighteenth Amendment

Sussex agreement

Boxer Rebellion

Northern Securities case

Clayton Act

big-stick diplomacy

Triangle Shirtwaist fire.

Notebook Requirements:

Essential Questions for Unit X

Vocabulary for Unit X

Presidential outlines for T. Roosevelt, Taft and Wilson

War Summary: Spanish-American War

Movements & Trends: The Progressives

Supreme Court Cases: Lochner v. New York, Muller v. Oregon

Notebook value: 90 points (including 5 points for organization)

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