Advanced Placement Government and Politics

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III. Grading Procedures:

Grades will be reported numerically for all work assigned during the designated marking period. The weight given to each assignment will be announced prior to the assignment being turned in.

  1. Grades for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd marking periods and the midterm exam are numerical representations of earned grades with a minimum reported score of 50.

  1. The 4th marking period grade and the final exam grade are reported as earned.

  1. Final grades for year long courses are computed as follows:

    1. Find the sum of all four marking period grades.

    2. Multiply the sum of the four marking periods by 2.

    3. Add the mid-term and final exam grade to the product.

    4. Divide the sum by 10.

    5. The quotient is the final grade.

IV. Teaching Strategies/Learning Activities

Along with the traditional lecture format (which, I hope, will be kept to a minimum) a variety of student-centered activities will be employed through-out the year including:
a. debates

b. simulations

c. panel discussions

d. cartoon assignments

e. long-term assignments (for example)

1. media assignments

2. bureaucracy project

3. political profile of an incumbent

4. essay assignments

  1. position papers

  2. weekly news program

  1. seminars

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