Advanced Placement Government and Politics

II. Guidelines for the Course

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II. Guidelines for the Course:
1. Students are responsible for the timely completion of reading assignments, note-taking, collective research assignments, cooperative learning assignments, in-class discussions, and all other class work.
2. Late assignments will be penalized one full letter grade if submitted a day late, after which they may not be accepted
3. Students should be able to express themselves with clarity and precision

and know how to correctly cite sources and credit the phrases and ideas of others.

4. At a break in the topic students will be expected to respond in written form (tests)
5. Quizzes will be given periodically to insure students continued interest and level of work
6. Students should expect to be given assignments over extended school breaks (e.g. Winter vacation, spring break) with that work to be turned in on the day back.
7. Students are required to write a 1-2 page reaction paper based on one of the primary source articles assigned for each chapter. In this, you are to react to the thesis posited in the article not merely re-state what is being said.

8. All work to be turned in must be in INK or word processed

9. Students are expected to contribute to class discussion in a seminar setting established in the classroom.
10. As many of the topics discussed in class may be of a controversial nature all opinions will be respected and nothing is to leave the room.

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