Advanced Placement Government and Politics

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Advanced Placement Government and Politics-

American National Government

Course Syllabus

I. Objectives and Themes of the Course:
The Advanced Placement Government and Politics is a two-semester course. United States Government and Politics is taught in the first semester and Comparative Government is taught in the second semester.
The Advanced Placement U.S. Government and Politics program is designed to teach U.S. Constitutional government based on the following principles:

  • political philosophy

  • political beliefs and behavior

  • political parties and interest groups

  • national institutions and policy processes

  • civil rights and liberties

As the knowledge of current events is of major importance in the preparation for the AP Exam it is essential that students gain an understanding of events unfolding before them. In order to accomplish this goal students are required to read newspapers and view news programs. This will help them to learn about the issues, people, and events that are part of modern politics and also help them begin a life-time habit.

By taking this introductory political science course students will gain and display an understanding of American politics, and the processes of government that help shape our public policies. The methods employed throughout the course will allow future lawyers, scientists, computer programmers, doctors, and ordinary citizens to begin to develop a more sophisticated and insightful understanding of the many distinguishing features of the American political system.
Advanced Placement Government and Politics is a highly structured, very demanding college course. Students are required not only to thoroughly read a college-level text, but also to augment this material through the reading of supplementary articles, primary source readings, newspapers, and the viewing of news programs to critically apply the findings to the political nature of current governmental policies and analyze the ramifications of these policies. One of the primary objectives of this course is to expose students to all areas of information covered on the AP Examination. It is thus imperative that a high-level academic environment exist and the student is dedicated to learning, is highly motivated, and is willing to put forth the time and effort, both in and outside the classroom, required for a course of this intensity

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