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Situation in the village of Perevi – Sachkhere District

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Situation in the village of Perevi – Sachkhere District
Perevi is a village of approximately 1000 ethnic Georgians located in Sachkhere District bordering the Java Dsitrict of South Ossetia. Russian military has an illegal military checkpoint there. Ossetians are allowed to come to the village, to appear with Russian forces at the checkpoint and harass local population. People in Perevi are facing the threat of joining other IDPs expelled due to the Russian invasion and occupation of Georgia.
The situation of 1000 ethnic Georgians was further exacerbated on November 8, 2008 when the group of South Ossetian illegal armed forces entered the village and took control of it thus creating a clear threat of ethnic violence. The Government of Georgia, local administration as well as the EU observers clearly noticed the well applied tactics of the Russian forces – to let the Ossetian irregular forces and militias attack Georgian population, loot and abuse them. Soon after the deployment of Ossetian militias, Russian soldiers and Ossetian separatists started to terrorize local population by raiding the village by tanks, taking the cattle and blocking the roads. The EU Monitoring Mission was alarmed by the mentioned development and expressed its “concern about the situation at the Russian checkpoint near Perevei.” The same report continues: “Russian forces in South Ossetia have persistently refused to dismantle this checkpoint, in spite of the fact that it is clearly located to the west of the administrative boundary line of South Ossetia. Evidence on the ground seems moreover to suggest that Russian military forces will be replaced by forces of the South Ossetian de facto authorities. This would further exacerbate tensions in the detriment of the civilian population in and around the village of Perevi.” 23
EU Monitoring Mission was denied access to the village and on November 16, 2008 it realized a statement noting that “the installation last weekend of South Ossetian forces was exacerbating tensions causing many people to leave the village during the past week”.24

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