Administrators Report 11/12/13 Roundabout is done. 

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Administrators Report 11/12/13

Roundabout is DONE. 
We will continue to evaluate traffic flow and look for possible improvements. MODOT has requested a meeting that staff will be attending this Friday where we will discuss some possible changes.
Water Administration and Water Department employees report that all Cubic Feet Meters in the City Limits have been replaced with the new meters purchased last October that measure by the gallon only..
Work on the next Sewer Basin (Basin 3) scheduled for repair is beginning. We are complete in all work that had been identified in the Inflow and Infiltration study paid for by the 201 Sewer Board last year in Basin 5.
Demolition of houses is progressing. We are waiting for final legal approval for the house on prospect then we will have all the houses thus far approved for demolition down.
Storm Drain on 1st street has been determined to be collapsed and clogged up. We are considering our options to fix and repair but none so far look to be real appealing.
Badges and Burgers” was held Thursday at the Fire Department. Webb City’s employee United Way Committee has worked hard to make this a success and all city departments have pitched in to help raise over $4000 that will go to our local United Way which helps several needs in our community. Webb City has served as a Pace Setter for United Way this year and we all should be proud of how the employees have worked hard to help out!
Have been in discussion with U.S. Fish and Wildlife who are reviewing our proposal for the Habitat and Wetland areas. We hope to see some progress soon now that the government shutdown is resolved.
Community Coordinator upcoming events;

Christmas Parade – Thursday, Dec. 5
Santa Stops on Route 66 – Friday, Dec. 6 and Saturday, Dec. 7; Friday, Dec. 13 and Saturday, Dec. 14

5 – 8 p.m. Each night with the Street Trolley running down main street and through King Jack Park.  Trolley tickets to go on sale on November 1st. (100 tickets for sale each night)  Proceeds to go to Webb City Parks & Rec.

First Annual Holiday Market and Craft Fair – Friday, December 6 and Saturday December 7, 4 – 9 p.m. at the Route 66 Event Center.  $25 booth fee (proceeds to go to the Downtown Fund)

Cookies and Milk with Santa – date and time to be determined at Minerva.  This will be a private, ticketed event.  Proceeds to be split between Minerva and the Downtown Fund
Christmas display/photo stop – Route 66 Welcome Center parking lot
Elves for sale - $6.00 "Route 66 Elf on the Shelf" to be sold at the Welcome Center the month of December.  All proceeds to go to the Downtown Fund
Carriage rides throughout the evening  - Times and prices to be determined.
Route 66 Movie Theater will be showing nostalgic Christmas movies and shorter films during the first two weekends of December to coincide with the events that are going on downtown.

Fire Department will have Breast Cancer Awareness T-Shirts available at the station for $15.00. This fundraiser raised over $1000 last year for this worthy cause.
Madison and Stadium Drive four way stop should be up very soon.
MODOT agreed to perform preliminary engineering on the intersection of Main and 171
City staff is working with engineers to explore the possibility of either a walking trail or tunnel to cross MO Hwy 171 near downtown. This would provide safe foot traffic from the downtown area south to the proposed new public area being created by the filling of Sucker Flats. MODOT has indicated there is a possible funding source in the future that would assist with costs.

City Tours – City Staff has been in discussion about city tours. The street trolley may be rented by organizations or groups at $50 per hour, with a two-hour minimum. The trolley will take passengers around the city to view the improvements that are currently happening within the city. Two tours are already scheduled. Parks Department and Community Development Department will be hosting the tours.
To try and improve safety of students being dropped off and picked up at the middle school, city crews will be working with the Webb City School to extend Ball Street north of the current drive and turn it back into the parking lot to the east. This will provide a one way in and out for parents as they drop off and pick up their students. The school has agreed to pay for all materials necessary.
Mayor Biggs received a letter from Webb City Schools Superintendant thanking him for the hard work of the Public Works crews who worked to get Madison completed before the start of school. The City of Webb City has benefitted by having our crews trained to perform our own construction projects.
Community Development is continuing to gather signatures for the formation of the Madison Transportation Development District. We hope to complete this process soon and begin the process of forming the TDD that will be used to improve the traffic flow and public safety throughout the entire Madison corridor.

Future Possible Transportation Projects

(These are projects that have been discussed and submitted to the Metropolitan Planning Organization for possible inclusion in the Transportation Improvement Plan and in no particular order)

Possible Walking Bridge over Hwy 171 at Pennsylvania (possible enhancement funds project)
Intersection of Madison (Bus 71) and McArthur (MO 171) Hwy needs to be improved and widened.

                -Includes improving intersection of Jefferson and McArthur (MO 171)

                -Widening of Madison Ave from 10th street to MO 171

                -Connection of 7th street signaled intersection over to Ellis St. for Fire/Ambulance

(All possible TDD funded projects)
17th Street Interchange on (MO 249) hwy along with an outer road on the west side down to Zora Ave. (MODOT has agreed to assist with engineering)
Fountain Road needs to be completed from Madison (Bus 71) to Oronogo Ave. (Possible TDD funding)
Main Street (MO D Hwy) at McArthur (MO 171) needs to have a southbound right turn lane and west bound merge lane completed. (MODOT agrees to perform engineering on project)
Walking Trail to be completed in designated Habitat Area if the area is approved in Webb City on Northern and Eastern borders. (Possible MODOT Funding assistance)
College Street needs to be completed from McArthur (MO171) south to existing College Street connection at 10th Street. (Possible TDD Project)
Main Street (MO D Hwy) to be completed south of McArthur (MO171) thru King Jack Park and connect to South Hall Street.
Sidewalk improvements on Daugherty Ave. From Main Street East to City Limits and West to College Street.
Complete the Sidewalk Improvements on Main and the Downtown area. (applying for CDBG Funds)
Complete 2nd Street from Main Street to East Road.
Please continue to forward complaints or concerns regarding code violations. We are working hard to try and monitor our progress on these situations and report back to the complaining parties what is being done to remedy them.
Again these are intended to just be some highlights. If there are other items you need more information on please let me know.
Thank You

Carl Francis / Interim City Administrator

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