Administration 301-670-1400 Mr. Joseph M. Sacco, Principal

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Administration – 301-670-1400

Mr. Joseph M. Sacco, Principal
Ms. Carrie Reed, Assistant Principal
Mr. Eugene Wilson, Assistant Principal
Mrs. Lori Knight, Administrative Secretary
Mrs. Monica Eng, Financial Assistant

Counseling Department – 301-670-1410

Ms. Karen Luensman, Resource & ESOL Counselor
Mrs. Nancy Green, Secretary & Registrar
Mr. David Earley, 8th Grade Counselor
Ms. Janice Eisenberg, 7th Grade Counselor
Mrs. Carrie Booth, 6th Grade Counselor

Lakelands Park Middle School
1200 Main Street

Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878


From the Principal

Lakelands Park Middle School is working towards becoming a model middle school accepting students from four of the county’s best elementary schools—Brown Station, Rachel Carson, Darnestown, and Diamond. Our students will attend Quince Orchard High School or Northwest High School—two schools that excel in academics and the arts. In designing course offerings, we have been careful to offer courses that align with the high schools, complement the elementary schools, and meet the unique needs of our community.

Lakelands Park Middle School is dedicated to providing your child with a rigorous, comprehensive, and challenging program within a caring and safe environment.
Please consider these course options with your child carefully. We will be hiring and assigning staff based on your decisions. The counseling department is available to help you and your child in course selection.
Thank you for your support and efforts in helping to create our wonderful school community.

Joseph M. Sacco


Lakelands Park Middle School Foundations
Preparing LPMS Students for the Future

Lakelands Park Middle School prepares students for their future. Academics follow the program prescribed by the Maryland State Department of Education and Montgomery County Public Schools which supports continuous improvement toward higher achievement. Through advanced courses, emphasis on high school articulation, and exposure to extracurricular clubs and programs, students have the opportunity to meet their potential.

School Mission

At Lakelands Park Middle School, our mission is to promote student achievement and positive relationships by maximizing resources.

School Vision

At Lakelands Park Middle School, we will be living our mission when:

  • Rigorous instruction and differentiation occurs in every classroom;

  • Staff and students show excitement about coming to our school;

  • Personalized relationship building is pervasive;

  • Decisions are made using data.

Core Values

At Lakelands Park Middle School, we value kindness, differences, courageous conversations, a no-secrets environment, professional growth, effort-based intelligence, and collaboration.


The interdisciplinary team model is the standard for organization at Lakelands Park. An interdisciplinary team is a group of teachers who share the same students and have a common team meeting period. Teachers from English/Reading, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies comprise a team. There are two teams in every grade level. Each team has a team leader, a counselor, and an administrator. Teams are balanced by academic achievement, race and gender. Arts and physical education teachers provide instruction for all students across teams.

The team provides a coordinated program designed to address individual student needs. It facilitates early identification of achievement issues, academic placement concerns, peer relationships and social/personal needs of students within the group through involvement in the Collaborative Action Process.

This is a 20 minute period where students have an opportunity to practice test-taking skills, receive re-teach/re-assess support, silently read, and organize themselves for the day. Students are assigned to their first period teacher for Falcon Time.


Lakelands Park Middle School counselors are student advocates who are committed to supporting student achievement. Counselors help students succeed through programming in academic, career awareness, and personal/social development areas. These successes can be achieved through classroom lessons, counseling groups, individual counseling, and school-wide programs on topics such as bullying prevention.

Students are assigned counselors as follows:

Ms. Karen Luensman, Resource and ESOL Counselor

Mr. David Earley, 8th Grade Counselor

Ms. Janice Eisenberg, 7th Grade Counselor

Mrs. Carrie Booth, 6th Grade Counselor

The focus of the Lakelands Park Middle School Library Media Center program is to help students learn to locate, use, and evaluate information independently and to foster an appreciation of literature. The media center features over 22,000 materials, 35 networked computers, and subscriptions to 22 online databases for student use.

Activities in the media center include using research skills to explore our information-rich world with traditional and electronic reference tools. The Media Center instructional program is designed for students to achieve the learning outcomes in information literacy with a focus on integrating these skills into each curricular area and for individual classroom needs. Lessons are planned for students during each of their three years through instructional partnerships with teachers in all curricular areas. Assignments are designed to help students analyze, process, and communicate information effectively, gain access to ideas expressed in print and visual literature, increase proficiency in using technologies, and encourage a habit of lifelong learning.

Middle School students will earn a minimum of 30 (10 per grade) of the 75 hours needed for the high school diploma through infusion of service-learning experiences into the middle school curriculum. Middle school students may complete all or part of the remaining 45 hours of this graduation requirement by participating in school, interdisciplinary team, class-sponsored or community projects. Some of the activities that students may participate in are: environmental projects, neighborhood clean-up activities, mentoring or tutoring projects and senior citizen programs. Activities must be performed with an approved organization. A list of approved sites is available on the following website:

In order to receive credit, students must keep in mind the following requirements:

  1. For a non-approved activity, the Special Activity Application Form must be completed and approved prior to community service being performed.

  2. The Verification Form must be filled out completely, with particular attention given to the Student Reflection statement.

  3. The deadlines for turning in this form are as follows:

Service Learning Hours should be turned in by the end of each quarter for service performed during that particular quarter.

  • Summer Hours: September 29th

  • Quarter 1: October 31st

  • Quarter 2: January 23rd

  • Quarter 3: March 27th

  • Quarter 4: June 16th

Maryland School Assessments and the Maryland High School Assessments

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