Adapted Microscope Instructions Starting Your Game

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Adapted Microscope Instructions
Starting Your Game:

  1. Enter the Big Picture Scenario on the Timeline App.

Big Picture Scenario

Long separated branches of humanity stumble upon each other as cave nations learn to overcome and harness the strong winds of Eurus.

Starting Period (Medieval Eurus - dark): Cave nations remain hidden underground scared to confront the surface winds of Eurus.
Middle Period (Early Modern Eurus - dark/light): Some cave nations branch out to discover more of Eurus while others await discovery.
Ending Period (Mid-Modern - light): The cave nations of Eurus have begun to prosper as they learn to harness the power of the winds.

  1. Create rules

Use your own research, the listed resources, or other Internet sources to complete the tables below. For each category, list at least five items that could or could not exist. Use the No column as a creative constraint to force your group to think outside the box.



Resources in Your Region





Medieval Technology





Early Modern Technology





Mid-Modern Technology



Wind turbines


  1. Let each player add one event to their assigned periods

Each Round

  • A new player creates a focus. Focus on a specific person, place, event or period.

  • Everyone takes turns making history (choose to do one of the following):

    • Add an event. An event is something specific that happens during a period. For each event you create, be sure to answer:

      • When within period?

      • What? Provide birds eye view descriptions with outcomes.

      • Light or Dark?

    • Add a scene. A scene is a specific part of an event that helps to answer an important question. For each scene you create:

      • Ask a follow-up question about a specific event.

      • Roll a die to choose a storyline that will answer your question:

        1. Light-Dark-Light: Comedy or Romance Story, Light Scene

        2. Dark-Dark-Light: Redemption Story, Light Scene

        3. Dark-Light-Light: Coming of Age Story, Light Scene

        4. Light-Light-Dark: Plot twist, Dark Scene

        5. Light-Dark-Dark: Horror Movie, Dark Scene

        6. Dark-Light-Dark: Tragic Story, Dark Scene

      • Take turns describing what happens during each part of the scene. Start with the person who created the scene.

        • First person: “In the beginning…”

        • Second person: “Then…”

        • Third person: “In the end…”

  • The player who made the focus goes twice (first and last) before turning the focus over to the next player

General Expectations

  • Don't contradict what's already been said.

  • Make sure what you add relates to the focus.

  • Don't use anything from the No column of your rules.

  • Don't collaborate, but do ask questions.

  • Connect the events you make to real world events.

        1. (

  • Expect that Stewy will impose himself on your game. Good luck!

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