Ad catastrophe struck the Visigothic kingdom in southern France (which is known as the Kingdom of Toulouse). The Franks

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The Visigoths, like other German peoples, were originally Indo-European. Their language, Gothic, was closely related to German. We first hear of them when they are living in Poland around 100 BCE. Soon after that, some of them, along with their relatives the Ostrogoths, seem to have decided to migrate to the south, very gradually and slowly. Probably bad weather at home made it impossible to feed everyone, and so some people left looking for food.

The Visigoths slowly moved south through Slovakia, but stopped when they came up against the Roman Empire, because they could not beat the Roman army. The Visigoths settled along the north side of the Danube river, took up farming and trading with the Romans, and lived there more or less peacefully for several hundred years, until in the 300s AD they began to be pushed southward by new invaders, the Huns.

The Visigoths established a kingdom for themselves within the collapsing Roman Empire in 418 AD. They took over most of south-western France (Aquitaine), a very fertile area which had been thickly settled by the Romans. The Visigoths at first acted more or less as representatives of the Roman government, keeping order for Rome in Aquitaine, but as time went on and Rome got weaker, the Visigoths began to act more on their own account. When the Vandals left Spain for Africa in 429 AD, the Visigoths began to take over Spain as well. They were better administrators than the Vandals had been.

In 509

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