Activity 1 aoi design: Truth Tables to Logic Expressions Introduction

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Activity 2.1.1 AOI Design:
Truth Tables to Logic Expressions


The first step in designing a new product is clearly defining the design requirements or design specifications. These design specifications detail all of the features and limitations of the new product.

In digital electronics, the process of translating these design specifications into a functioning circuit starts with the creation of a truth table. A truth table is simply a list of all possible binary input combinations that could be applied to a circuit and the corresponding binary outputs that the circuit produces. Once the truth table is complete, a Boolean expression can easily be written directly from the truth table.

In this activity you will learn how to translate design specifications into truth tables and, in turn, write un-simplified logic expressions from these truth tables.

In future activities we will learn how to use Boolean algebra as well as a graphical technique called Karnaugh mapping to simplify these logic expressions.

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