Activism, Philosophy and Pedagogy

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El Mundo Zurdo 2013

An international conference on the Life and Work of Gloria Anzaldúa

Activism, Philosophy and Pedagogy

November 14-­‐16, 2013

University of Texas at San Antonio, Downtown Campus One UTSA Circle

San Antonio, TX 78249


Soc iety for th e Stud y o f Gl or ia An za ldúa

On the Cover: “Querida Maestra: Anzalduista y Muxerista Siempre” by Dr. Anita Tijerina Revilla, Associate Professor and Director of Women’s Studies at the University of Nevada- Las Vegas (UNLV).

Program Design: Rachel Rumpf, Graduate Student, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Welcome! ¡Bienvenid@s!

¡Bienvenid@s! The Society for the Study of Gloria Anzaldúa (SSGA) and the Women’s Studies Institute (WSI) at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) welcome you to El Mundo Zurdo 2013: Activism, Philosophy and Pedagogy.

SSGA was formed in 2006 to provide a space for students, scholars and the community to come together to continue with Anzaldúa’s vision and passion. In 2007, the WSI became the SSGA’s academic home. Since 2009, El Mundo Zurdo is the conference where we actualize the goals set forth by the SSGA. Every 18 months, alternating between November and May, we gather as co-­‐hosts with the hope that all who inhabit El Mundo Zurdo enjoy celebrating the life and work of one of our Tejana sisters whose words have touched the world.

El Mundo Zurdo 2013 is a testament to the interest and commitment of many people, and we want to acknowledge all who have labored to make it happen. Without the scholars, artists, and students whose continued engagement with Anzaldúa’s work energizes and gives SSGA life, without the community’s desire to remember and keep Anzaldúa’s life and work at the center of much needed work toward social change, SSGA would not exist. El Mundo Zurdo would not exist. We hope that you will join us in 18 months at the next conference to be held in May 2015 in Austin, Texas, hosted by the Center for Mexican American Studies at the University of Texas at Austin.

¡Que viva el mundo zurdo!

Enjoy the conference!
Office of the President

Dear Attendees at the SSGA El Mundo Zurdo 2013 Conference:

On behalf of The University of Texas at San Antonio, I offer a warm Texas welcome to all of you. UTSA is glad to host El Mundo Zurdo 2013-Activism, Philosophy, and Pedagogy--an international gathering of artists, scholars and students for a weekend of presentations and performances on the life and work of Tejana writer and thinker, Gloria Anzaldua. Like the May 2012 El Mundo Zurdo Conference, this one promises to be an engaging and illuminating experience.

We are proud of our 31,000 plus student body, our outstanding faculty, and our excellent facilities. We also want to recognize UTSA's Women's Studies Institute, which has housed the Society of the Study of Gloria Anzaldua since its founding in 2005 , and thank the Institute for its work. UTSA seeks to offer a forum for cutting edge research and teaching, and SSGA's El Mundo Zurdo Conference offers a venue for scholars from around the world, the nation, our State and our community to showcase their research and community engagement with the work of Gloria Anzaldua. Additionally, it brings together artists, writers and community activists.

SSGA's El Mundo Zurdo 2013 is above all a collaborative effort made possible by the institutional support of UTSA. Students, former students, staff, faculty, and community come together in order to make the conference a dynamic experience. We hope that you will be reenergized and find the conference fulfilling.

Finally, it is with great pleasure that we announce that the May 2012 El Mundo Zurdo proceedings will be available at this year's conference. As with the 2007, 2009, and the 2010 proceedings, the 2012 proceedings are published by Aunt Lute Press. We are proud to be able to share the work of Anzalduan scholars with the rest of the academic community.

We hope that the events scheduled for this weekend will nurture you on various levels-the academic and the personal. The events scheduled for the conference and for the community will no doubt provide material for your own academic endeavors. The UTSA community welcomes you and we offer our best wishes for your participation during El Mundo Zurdo 2013-Activism, Philosophy, and Pedagogy: An International Conference on the Life and Work of Gloria Anzaldua, sponsored by the Society for the Study of Gloria Anzaldua and the Women's Studies Institute.
iBienvenidas/os! And may your stay in San Antonio provide many cherished memories.

Sincerely ,

Ricardo Romo President

One UTSA Circle • San Antonio ,Texas 78249-0601 • (210) 458-4101 • (210) 458-4655 fax

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