ActiveHistory: The American Civil War Simulation Worksheet focusing on the Battles Main Task: Timeline of Events The Battles

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State in which fought

Victor (Confederate / Union)

Detail about the battle


July 21

First Battle of Bull Run



A large Union army was halted by a much smaller force commanded by General 'Stonewall' Jackson. The Unionist troops then fled back to Washington in panic. It was now clear to both sides that they need to strengthen their armies to secure a decisive victory.


March 8-9

Battle of Hampton Roads

April 6-7

Battle of Shiloh

June 25-July 1

The Seven Days Battle

Aug. 28-30

Second Battle of Bull Run

Sep. 16-18

Battle of Antietam

December 11-15

Battle of Fredericksburg


Apr. 30-May 6

Battle of Chancellorsville

May 18-July 4

Siege of Vicksburg

July 1-3

Battle of Gettysburg


Battle of Chattanooga


May 8-21

Battle of Spotsylvania

Sherman’s March to the Sea


Apr. 9

Battle of Appomattox Courthouse

Extension Tasks

▪ Play the game through a second time. Use this to develop your existing notes about the actions taken by Davis and Lincoln.

• Create a Google Earth Tour of these battles by locating each one on a map. Add battle map overlays if you can find them.

Produce a “living graph” of these battles: in other words, have dates running along the page, and place the events either towards the top if they are Union victories, and lower down if they are Union defeats. Choose your exact spot based on how much of a victory / defeat the battle was. An online tool for creating Living Graphs can be found at

A complete scheme of work on the American Civil War – including interactive quizzes, worksheets, lesson plans and extension activities – can be found on the American Civil War Page of

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