Act Intercultural

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Marabu camp in Milcoveni, Romania 01-10.06.2015

Act Intercultural

Marabu Youth Camp in Milcoveni, Romania

01.06.2015 – 10.06.2015

Project description
The project "Act intercultural", which will take place between 01-10.06.2015 at Milcoveni - Romania will put together 54 youngsters’ from Romania, Hungary, Portugal, Czech Republic, Estonia and Italy, 9 from each country. From each partner country will attend different types of youth: Roma youngsters, imigrants, young from rural and urban disadvantaged environments of the six countries.

Act Intercultural will be one youth mobility which promote tolerance and understanding using as main working method theater.

This mobility promotes active participation of young people, because the proposed methodology is based on the principles of non-formal education. The participants will learn how to present their culture, how to meet, accept, share their respect towards other cultures and characters, to show an interest in cooperation and communication with young people from other European countries.

The result of this project will be a play to be presented to the public in Romania, Hungary, Portugal Czech Republic, Estonia and Italy, which will promote tolerance, understanding and cooperation between young people in the four countries, between different disadvantage groups.

Our project intends to put together participants from the six countries which will work together in order to understand better the prejudices and stereotypes in their communities and learn to overcome them.

By having as participants youngsters with different background, will create a safe learning environment and a unique opportunity for everyone to share ideas and learn from others experience in order to see which is the best way to fight exclusion.

They start from own experience and the methods used are very interactive: forum theater, work in teams and in pairs, individual reflection, debate, role play, negotiation, simulation.

The presented performances will provide viewers the opportunities to learn how to be tolerant with others, how to behave in conflict situations in multi ethnic/multicultural communities.

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