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Special Purpose Accounts The Canberra Hospital

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Special Purpose Accounts The Canberra Hospital

Special Purpose Account


Research Officer - Postdoctoral

Health Professional Level 4 $89,786 - $96,809, Canberra (PN: 32132)

Gazetted: 02 May 2013

Closing Date: 16 May 2013

Details: Applications are invited for a two-year temporary filling of a Radiation Biologist at a Health Professional 4 Level in the Cancer Research Group, The Canberra Hospital. The successful applicant should have both clinical and basic science backgrounds, with experience in radiological sciences, radiation biology, molecular biology, cell biology, functional imaging and cancer research. A background in extra-nuclear molecular biology is essential. This position is also required to be involved in departmental academic duties in radiation biology. In addition, the appointee is expected to develop and conduct independent and collaborative studies on the effects of radiation on mammalian cells. This position is also required to establish, maintain national and/or international collaborations in scientific research.

Eligibility/Other Requirements: Current driver’s license. PhD in a combined field of medical radiation sciences and molecular biology. Experience in radiation research, specifically in extra-nuclear radiation effects on mammalian cells and working in a Nuclear Research Institute. At least three years research experience as a Post Doctoral fellow. Professional qualification in clinical radiological sciences.

Note: This is a temporary position available for two years working part-time at 8:00 hours per week.

Contact Officer: Doug Taupin (02) 6244 3972


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