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Director General Reports

Population Health

Population Health Research


Senior Officer Grade B $106,086 - $119,426, Canberra (PN: 29625)

Gazetted: 02 May 2013

Closing Date: 16 May 2013

Details: The Epidemiology Section contributes to the improvement of the health of the ACT population by providing timely and accurate epidemiological information on the health of the ACT population that can be used to inform public health policy and programs in the ACT. The Epidemiology Section maintains a knowledge base of ACT population health status by: conducting and commissioning surveys; maintaining registers of health specific population groups such as the ACT Cancer Registry and the ACT Maternal and Perinatal Data Collection; statutory responsibility for the production of the biennial Chief Health Officer’s Report and participating in research activities. This position will be responsible for the management of the work program in relation to health information systems and registers as well as assisting the Senior Manager in the oversight of the Section’s work program.

Eligibility/other requirements: Tertiary qualifications and postgraduate experience in epidemiology, or public health are highly desirable.

Note: To complete your application you must prepare responses to the Selection Criteria as a document to be uploaded and included with your application.

Contact Officer: Cathy Baker (02) 6207 4037


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