Act government Gazette Gazetted Notices for the week beginning 25 April 2013

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Office for Schools

South/Weston Network

Telopea Park School

Youth Support Worker

School Assistant 4 $54,064 - $58,700, Canberra (PN: 28606)

Gazetted: 30 April 2013

Closing Date: 7 May 2013

Details: An exciting opportunity exists to join the collaborative educational team at Telopea Park School. The successful applicant will be required to develop, implement and manage programs appropriate for young adolescents aimed at engaging them in learning and enhancing their social skills and personal development. Duties will also include assisting students to access appropriate external community-based youth support services and programs that will support school connectedness and general health and wellbeing. The applicant should possess sound knowledge and understanding of current issues affecting young people.

Eligibility/Other Requirements: Tertiary qualifications in a Youth Work or related field is desirable.

Notes: School Assistant 4s, are required to work six days (in addition to the four days Professional Learning) during stand down periods between school terms to undertake duties as directed, for example program preparation.

Contact Officer: Mary de Poorter (02) 6205 5599


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