Act government Gazette Gazetted Notices for the week beginning 25 April 2013

Investment and Economics Division

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Investment and Economics Division

Investment Branch

Finance Officer

Administrative Services Officer Class 5 $65,660 - $69,623, Canberra (PN: 16722)

Gazetted: 01 May 2013

Closing Date: 8 May 2013

Details: The Investment Branch is primarily responsible for the management of the Territory's financial assets and liabilities including borrowings and investments of the Territory Banking Account, the unfunded employer superannuation liabilities and investments of the Superannuation Provision Account. This role assists in the daily financial tasks of the Branch, financial reporting, budgeting and administrative functions.

Eligibility/Other Requirements: Qualifications in Accounting or accounting related discipline and/or extensive relevant experience would be an advantage. Skills, experience and knowledge of ACT Government monthly financial reporting and budget processes are highly desirable.  

Notes: This position was previously advertised in 2012 as a temporary position for 12 months. This position is now being advertised to fill on a permanent basis and previous applicants will need to reapply to be considered for the position.

Contact Officer: Melinda Paton (02) 6207 0170


Community Services

Selection documentation and the mandatory application cover sheet for the following positions may be downloaded from:

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