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Patterns Narration and Autobiography

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Patterns Narration and Autobiography
Reading: Week 1

“Introduction” (skim and take notes) 1-12

“Narration” (skim and take notes) 71-81

“Finishing School,” Maya Angelou 89-95

“Shooting an Elephant,” George Orwell 117-125

Choose one

“Only Daughter,” Sandra Cisneros 84-88

“My Mother Never Worked,” Donna Smith-Yackel 96-100

“Thirty-Eight Who Saw Murder Didn’t Call the Police,”

Martin Gansberg 101-105

“Scrubbing in Maine,” Barbara Ehrenreich 106-116

Reading: Week 2

“The Writing Process” (skim and take notes) 13-70

“Once More to the Lake,” E. B. White 175-182

Choose one

“Words Left Unspoken,” Leah Hager Cohen 153-157

“Two Ways to Belong in America,” Bharti Mukherjee 397-401

“Mother Tongue,” Amy Tan 462-469

“ In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens,” Alice Walker 686-696


1. Weekly Notebook

a. Classroom/Patterns notes

b. Daily writing

c. Response Journal: No summary, for all Patterns essays, focus on “what is said and how it is said,”one page or more.

d. Question Journal: Answer one question of your choice under Comprehension, Purpose and Audience, Style and Structure, and Vocabulary Projects for one essay per week(4 items in all).

2. Essays: Narration (third person) and Autobiography (first person).

a. Week one: “What I’ve Learned” essay.

b. Week two: the best story of your life essay

3. Notebook assembly

a. Weekly notebook items

b. Rhetorical modes work

c. Language: grammar and literary terms

d. AP Test Practice

e. Handouts

4. Strunk and White, grammar project and plan, literary terms

5. AP Test practice: “Anatomy of an AP Exam”

6. Essay Worksheet for “Finishing School”

7. Groups/Teams named after literary terms

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