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Patterns Argumentation Week 10 and 11

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Patterns Argumentation Week 10 and 11

“What is Argumentation” (skim and take notes) 529-554

“The Declaration of Independence,” Thomas Jefferson 557-562

“Letter from Birmingham Jail,” Martin Luther King Jr. 570-584

*Choose one of the issues in Patterns and read two of the essays under the issue you have chosen for two additional response assignments.


1. Weekly Notebook

a. Classroom/Patterns notes

b. Daily writing

c. Response Journal: No summary, for all Patterns essays, focus on “what is said and how it is said,”one page or more.

d. Question Journal: Answer one question of your choice under Comprehension, Purpose and Audience, Style and Structure, and Vocabulary Projects for one essay per week(4 items in all).

2. Essay #10: Argumentation

Essay #11: Synthesis (based on issue essays in argumentation section)

3. AP Test practice: Argumentation

­4. Peer editing/ Prewriting for Essay # 9 and Essay #10

5. In-class writing exercises

6. Logical fallacies

The weeks before the AP Exam will be a unit based on Exam Preparation and Practice. The weeks after the AP Exam will be a unit based on the reading and writing assignments for advanced nonfiction and multicultural books.

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