Across Five Aprils Chapters 1-6

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Vocabulary Across Five Aprils

Chapters 1-6


Part of Speech – Adj

Definition – removed or distant either physically or emotionally

Sentence – Her aloof manner gained her few friends.


Part of Speech – Adj.

Definition – miserable; forsaken

Sentence – The streets which were usually so congested with cars and people have now grown desolate.


Part of Speech –n

Definition –formal withdrawal from an organization

Sentence – The secession of eleven Southern states from the Union in 1860 which precipitated the American Civil War.


Part of Speech – n

Definition – mental or emotional agitation

Sentence –Till in loud tumult all the Greeks arose. --Pope.


Part of Speech – n

Definition – a person in favor of abolishing, or ending, slavery

Sentence – Harriet Tubman was an abolitionist; she helped slaves escape to freedom on The Underground Railroad.


Part of Speech –n

Definition – a reduction to a lower rank or a grade of lesser importance

Sentence – If an employee is not performing their duties, they may receive a demotion to a lower position.


Part of Speech – v

Definition – to delay or hold back

Sentence – One must pass their core classes in 8th grade or they may be detained!


Part of Speech –v

Definition –to break up and scatter

Sentence – The fog dissipated when the sun started to shine.


Part of Speech –adj.

Definition –self-important or arrogant

Sentence – The pompous official enjoyed commanding his subject to walk his dog whenever it rained out.


Part of Speech – n

Definition – a deserved penalty or punishment

Sentence - the Senator took bribes for years, and finally got his comeuppance when he was caught in a sting operation

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