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The lowest sounding string is an E string …Yes

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The lowest sounding string is an E string …Yes?

So if we apply the information written above we can start naming the notes as we work our way up the neck, and to keep it simple for the moment we’ll forget FLATS exist:

E---- F---- F sharp ---- G ---- G sharp ----A ---- A sharp ----- B---- C

We’ve just completed the first 8 frets of the guitar.

One day at a time, one string, that’s enough for to day.


After reading the last couple of pages you’ll know the seven letters of the alphabet used in music are ABCDEFG and I’ll assume you’ll know them backwards now – GFEDCBA

Now we’ll go to the next string, the A string, the second lowest sounding string.

The principles are the same right throughout music. As in the previous post about the E string we’ll only use sharps at the moment.

The notes on the A string are:

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