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  1. Rationale of the study

Immigration really has a huge impact on the U.S.’s history and development. Generations of immigrants and their descendants settled down in the utopia and gradually support America to become the most powerful country in the world. America is a nation of natural resources, job opportunities, democracy and the idea of ‘going from rags to riches’, which attracts millions of immigrant from all over the world come to pursuit their American dreams. Immigrants not only contribute to the economic development but also turn American society into a ‘salad bowl’ – a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society with distinct qualities. However, immigration also brings drawbacks to America. The government has to cope with occupation problems, accommodation, environments, etc. Besides, social and cultural conflicts, discrimination and illegal immigration still remain unsolved problems to the country. Therefore, in order to ensure the security and prosperity of America, policy makers are always aware of building reasonable and necessary immigration policies to protect both citizens’ and immigrants’ rights.

On September 11th 2001, terrorism attacked the United States of America, leaving Americans with irreparable human and property loss. Chaos appeared everywhere in America, the government and citizens were worried about the security of the most powerful nation in the world. Since then, domestic and foreign policies began to change including immigration policies to comprehensively protect the country.

Since immigration has an undeniable importance to the development America, we choose the “Immigration policies in the U.S.” with the hope to provide main knowledge about past and present immigration policies (from 18th to 21st century), important features in each period and also effects of present policies on immigrants. Besides, there would be predictions about future immigration trends based on available policies today. However, due to the time limit, we will concentrate on discussing about naturalization and citizenship in the 18th-19th century since it was the period when the country was established. The 20th century coped mainly with policies relating who allowance to enter the U.S. and the major changes in the U.S. immigration system in the 21st century.

  1. Objectives of the study

The graduation paper aims at giving general information about immigration policies in the U.S. from the establishment of the country (18th century) until present days (21st century). Essential features and comparison between centuries will be made to see changes in the policies and their impact on immigrants. In addition, available policies in the 21st would be analyzed to predict future tendencies in the immigration process to America.

  1. Research problem

The changes in the U.S. Immigration Policy have been getting attentions worldwide. However, there are not many studies related to the topic in Vietnam. Therefore, the study has been conducted in order to provide an overview of American immigration policies. We hope that the information will be useful for students in learning American culture as well as for those who intended to study or to work in America after graduation.

  1. Research method

In order for the paper to be successfully conducted, secondary data analysis has been used to gather and analyze necessary information about immigration policies in the United States. We also reviewed sources and made comparisons to see the main similarities and differences of each period. Data was gathered from reliable sources such as articles, reports on the history of the U.S. immigration policy on both Vietnamese and English; immigration law enforcement documents; reports on immigrant population published on official website of American federal agencies such as Migration Policy Institute,…

  1. Scope of the study

The study concentrated at immigration policies in America from 18th century to present days.

Structure of the study

The study will contain four main parts main part
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