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The last but not least factor that leads to the change in the U.S. immigration policy is national insecurity after the September 11 attacks to New York and Washington D.C. The attack was one of the most severe damages in the U.S. history. According to Vietnam Plus (2011), 2,996 people died in the attack, in which 2,669 were Americans, 372 foreigners from approximately 70 countries including 19 terrorists. The impact of the attack was spread all over aspects of the country including the society, culture, politics, military and other countries as well. American citizens want their government to enforce a new strict immigration policy. A survey carried out by the Fox News in November 2001 had pointed out that 65% Americans agreed with the detention of all the immigration activities in the time of terrorism fight. Another survey was carried out in 2002 from Gallup told us that 58% the Americans wanted the government to cut down on immigration activities. It can be inferred that the 9.11 event has set off the alarm to the United States security. The country was no more the safest one in the world as the terrorists passed through all of its security level. After the event, the government needed to reconsider immigration as the first factor that makes a major impact on national security.

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