Achievements of Ancient Greece

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Before you read

  1. View the map on the board. What physical characteristics are shared by both ancient Greece and Rome?

    1. What importance do you think the Mediterranean Sea played in the development of both of these civilizations?

    1. What is an achievement? Give an example.

  1. While you read

    1. Read the text—do not write on it!

    2. When you have finished reading, complete the graphic organizer. You may bullet.

  1. After you read

    1. Which THREE achievements do you feel were the most important achievements Ancient Greece made to the world? Explain why you feel this way. Be specific and use details when answering.

Achievements of The Greek Civilization

Directions: Use classroom resources to gather information about the achievements of Ancient Greece. For each achievement write a brief explanation of why it was important.

Download 52 Kb.

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