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ACF Nationals 1998

Packet by Stanford

1. He was murdered by Scottish mercenaries Walter Leslie and John Gordon, most likely at the behest of Emperor Ferdinand II. Years earlier, he had rescued the Empire by defeating Hungary at Pressburg and Denmark at Desau Bridge but became difficult to control after his defeat at Lutzen. FTP, name this general of the Thirty Years War and subject of a tragedy by Schiller.

answer: Albrecht Wenzel Eusebius von _Wallenstein_

2. It includes a blind beggar with a horrible skin disease, a club-footed stable boy, and an old woman awarded a 25-franc medal for 54 years of service. It also includes poor neglected Berthe, the pseudo-scientific pharmacist Homais, and a performance of Donizetti's Lucia di Lammermoor. FTP, name this French novel that features the unscrupulous Leon, the dim-witted Charles, and the bored title character Emma.

answer: _Madame Bovary_

3. Madame C.S. Wu confirmed it by arranging atoms of cobalt-60 so that their nuclear spins were aligned and measuring the distribution of the emitted beta particles. It does not occur for strong and electromagnetic interactions, but in the realm of weak-force-mediated decays, this important physical symmetry is violated. FTP, identify this effect predicted by Lee and Yang that contributed to their 1957 Nobel Prize in Physics.

answer: Violation of _Parity_ Conservation

(Technical note:Charge/Parity (CP) or Charge/Parity/Time (CPT) are not violated in weak interactions.)
4. His letters expand on the Vale of Soul-Making, the Mansion of Many Rooms, and Negative Capability. His first volume of poetry-- which included "I stood tiptoe upon a little hill"-- met with harsh attacks from the critic Lockhart, who labeled him and his associates "the Cockney school." FTP, name this fiance of Fanny Brawne and creator of "Otho the Great," "La Belle Dame Sans Merci," and "Ode on a Grecian Urn."

answer: John _Keats_

5. It didn't become a successful resort until it was transformed by Beau Nash, Ralph Allen, and John Wood, who designed its Palladian houses and Royal Crescent. It is the setting for Sheridan's _The Rivals_ and the first scenes of Austen's _Northanger Abbey_, while Chaucer refers to it as a cloth-making center and as the home of one of his characters. FTP, identify this British city once called Aquae Sulis and named for its hot springs.

Answer: _Bath_

6. Is it algebraic or transcendental? No one knows. If it's rational, its denominator must exceed 10 to the 15000th. It is equal to minus the derivative of the generalized factorial function evaluated at 1. It has a numerical value of about 0.577 and is often denoted with a lower-case gamma. FTP, identify this constant named for a Swiss mathematician.

answer: _Euler_-Mascheroni _constant_ (accept lower-case gamma on an early buzz) (Bryce's note: I would say Mascharoni should not be required, since Euler is Swiss and by far the more famous)

7. He compared Man Unthinking to "rot grub, maggots, and bile" and described members of his circle as "walking monsters." He sponsored the first American publication of Carlyle's _Sartor Resartus_ and was worshipped by Nietzsche. FTP, name this American thinker who advocated becoming a "transparent eye-ball" in an open field, and who wrote of becoming "part and particle with God" in his "The Over-Soul."

answer: Ralph Waldo _Emerson_

8. Roland Barthes' [BARTZ] _Mythologies_ devotes an entire essay to her face. She played Countess Elizabeth Dohna in her 1924 film debut and was brought to America by the director, Mauritz Stiller. She played a seductress in "The Torrent" and "Flesh and the Devil," but her distinctive voice also made her a success in "Queen Christina," "Mata Hari," and "Ninotchka." FTP, name this Swedish actress who "vanted to be alone."

answer: Greta _Garbo_

9. He became an interpreter at Ellis Island before being elected to Congress in 1917. But he is best known for ending the corruption of Tammany Hall between 1937 and 1945. FTP, identify this namesake of a major airport, former mayor of New York City, and bearer of the nickname "Little Flower."

answer: Fiorello _La Guardia_

10. Egyptian priests prepared it from the horns and hooves of animals. In the Middle Ages, it was distilled from deer antlers. Its pyramidal structure results in a strongly polar molecule, used primarily in the production of urea but sometimes injected directly into the ground as a fertilizer. FTP, name this colorless gas produced via the Haber process that has the chemical formula NH3.

answer: _Ammonia_

11. A Guercino landscape, a Sannazzaro poem, a Sir Philip Sidney romance, and a Tom Stoppard play all share their name with this bleak and mountainous region of the Peloponnese that also figures in the title of Nicholas Poussin's most famous painting. FTP, name this rural district of central Greece, which -- thanks to Virgil's Eclogues -- is now synonymous with an idealized world of pastoral beauty.

answer: _Arcadia_

12. After he said in the presence of his illiterate father that "An illiterate king is a crowned ass", his elder brothers got kingdoms and he got only 5,000 pounds in silver. But when one brother died at New Forest, he defended that kingdom against his brother Robert and eventually defeated him at Tinchebray in 1106. FTP, name this fourth son of William the Conqueror and father of Matilda.

answer: _Henry I_

13. Haffkine created a vaccine for it, and its causative agent _pasturella pestis_ was isolated independently by Shibasabaru and Yersin. It is transmitted by _xenopsylla cheopsis_ and causes pain in the armpits, neck, and groin as the lymph nodes swell and blood vessels break. FTP, identify this dreaded disease and principal contributor to the Black Death.

answer: _bubonic_ plague (prompt on "Black Death")

14. Ida Bauer's early sexual rejection of her father's friend Herr K. created a "primal scene" that manifested itself in recurring nightmares of being rescued by her father from fire and of navigating through a forest to a train station. FTP, give Ida Bauer's pseudonym by which she became Sigmund Freud's most famous case study.

answer: _"Dora"_

15. First translated into English by Samuel Laing in 1844, it tells of Magnus the Good, Magnus Barefoot, Mingus the Blind and of Sigurd the Crusader and His Brothers Eystein and Olaf. But it is mostly concerned with Olaf Trygvason and Olaf Haraldson. FTP, identify this Chronicle of the Kings of Norway originally written circa 1225 by Snorri Sturleson.

answer: _Heimskringla_

16. His success in the Crimean War earned him the title Duke of Magenta, and after the fall of Napoleon III, he rose to political power through the support of monarchists. But he is best known for leading French troops in a battle where he was seriously wounded and removed from command. FTP, name this French general of Scottish descent who lost at the battle of Sedan and later became the second president of the Third Republic.

answer: Marie Edme Patrice Maurice _MacMahon_

17. (extra info, Washington Post 1997)

It was named after the wife of the Duke of Verona. Two years after it was begun by Maria Theresa, it opened on August 3, 1778, with a performance of Salieri's _L'Europa Riconosciuta_. Since then, it has premiered Donizetti's _Lucrezia Borgia_, Verdi's _Nabucco_, and Puccini's _Turandot_. FTP, name this (now-privatized) Milan opera house.

answer: _La Scala_
18. He once supported Marcus Garvey but later became a vocal opponent of economic separatism through his journal, _The Messenger_. Sixteen years after his planned civil rights march on Washington was called off at President Roosevelt's behest, he became a vice-president of the AFL/CIO in 1957. FTP, name this organizer of America's first predominantly black labor union, the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters.

answer: A(sa) Philip _Randolph_

19. At center are Dona Maria Augustina Sarmiente, Nieto, an Italian jester, the Infanta Margarita, and a really big dog. A mirror on the back wall reveals Queen Mariana and King

Philip IV, evidently sitting for a portrait. To the left is the artist himself, peering out from behind a large canvas. FTP, identify this Velazquez painting which shows a moment in the life of Spain's royal family.

answer: _Las Meninas_ (The Maids of Honor)
20. It states that given one ray of light with circular left-handed polarization and another with right-handed polarization, the one with the same direction as the electricity of the magnetizing current will travel with greater velocity. FTP, identify this effect which causes the plane of linearly polarized light to rotate when a magnetic field is applied perpendicular to the direction of propagation.

answer: _Faraday_ Rotation or Faraday Effect

21. He did not use color until a revelatory trip to Tunisia, whereupon he proclaimed,"Color and I are now one." This artist of Dance, Monster, to my Soft Song often incorporated numbers and letters into his works and befriended Wassily Kandinsky and Auguste Macke as a member of Der Blaue Reiter. FTP, name this Swiss artist whose works include They're Biting, Fish Magic, and The Twittering Machine.

answer: Paul _Klee_

22. On June 18, 1178, five monks may have seen the formation of the moon crater later named in his honor. His 1572 work _The Expulsion of the Triumphant Beast_ flays the pedantries he finds in both Catholic and Protestant cultures. In _The Ash Wednesday Supper_, he spreads the Copernican doctrine of the worlds. FTP, identify this Italian philosopher arrested in 1593 and burned at the stake for heresy after a 7-year trial.

answer: Giordano _Bruno_

23. Its Unborn select their parents. Its Musical Banks produce currency which is venerated but unused. Machinery is forbidden there because it once sparked a civil war. It is ruled by so-called philosophers and prophets, whom the narrator sees as faddists and fanatics. Such is the setting, FTP, of what Samuel Butler novel about a utopia whose name is an anagram of "nowhere"?

answer: _Erewhon_

24. He might have been Lewis Carroll, a Harley Street surgeon, a mad midwife, a Russian anarchist, the duke of Clarence, or the journalist James Kenneth Stephen. But he was definitely a homosexual sadist in Colin Wilson's Ritual in the Dark, a time-travelling villain pursued by H.G. Wells in the film Time After Time, and the principal character in the film The Lodger. FTP, identify this still-unidentified murderer of prostitutes in Victorian England.

answer: _ Jack the Ripper_

ACF Nationals 1998

Packet by Stanford

Bonus Questions
1. Identify these literary works from their dedications for fifteen points each, or from their authors for five:

1. 15 pts: Lord Chesterfield refused a pre-publication request for patronage, but when he changed his mind after publication, it was too late.

5 pts: Written by Samuel Johnson.

Answer: A _Dictionary_ of the English Language

2. 15 pts: Its second edition was dedicated to an unknowing William Makepeace Thackeray, who was extremely insulted because he himself had a spouse declared clinically insane.

5 pts: Written by Charlotte Bronte.

Answer: _Jane Eyre_
2. Answer these questions about particle physics FTP each:

1. The theory of supersymmetry suggests that fermions and bosons come in supermultiples. What as-yet-undiscovered particle is the superpartner of the electron?

Answer: _selectron_

2. Also undiscovered is which gauge boson that would travel at the speed of light, have zero rest mass and charge, and have a spin of 2?

answer: _graviton_

3. Like quarks, they do not exist as free particles. Lattice quantum chromodynamics predicts the existence of bound states of these particles that consist entirely of the bosons that mediate the strong force.

Answer: _glueballs_
3. For fifteen points each, identify these operas in which priestesses are caught between love and sacred vows; if you need the composer, you will receive five points.

1. 15 pts: The title character Guilia allows the sacred fire to burn out in her ardor for Lucinio.

5 pts: Written by Gasparo Spontini

Answer: _La Vestale_ (accept The Vestal Virgin)

2. 15 pts: Set in Roman-occupied Gaul in 50 BC, the title character (a Druid high priestess) gives her love to Pollione, who then deserts her.

5 pts: Written by Vincenzo Bellini.

Answer: _Norma_
4. , identify these figures from the Scramble for Africa:

1. 5: This former newspaperman found Livingston and then began a number of explorations of the Congo and Lualaba Rivers.

Answer: Henry Morton _Stanley_

2. 10: This Belgian king founded the International African Association as a front to develop colonies in Africa.

Answer: _Leopold II_

3. 15: This Frenchman of Italian descent also explored the Congo and Ogowe Rivers and established the French Congo.

Answer: Pierre Savorgnan de _Brazza_
5. For ten points each, answer these questions about the Platonist philosopher Boethius:

1. Which Gothic king appointed Boethius consul in AD 510?

Answer: _Theodoric_ the Great (Theodoric I)

2. Name Boethius' magnum opus, which he wrote in prison while awaiting execution on charges of treachery and in which Philosophy speaks to him in the form of a woman.

Answer: The _Consolation of Philosophy_

3. Which of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales mercilessly plagiarizes The Consolation of Philosophy and closely resembles Boccaccio's Il Teseida?

Answer: The _Knight's_ Tale
6. This is the Andy Wang dedicatory bonus. Identify these people who drank themselves to death :

1. 5: According to legend, this native of Swansea died in New York after drinking twenty-one consecutive shots of hard liquor while promoting his poetry.

Answer: Dylan _Thomas_

2. 10: This poet of "The Congo" died in Springfield, Illinois after ingesting a bottle of Lysol.

Answer: Vachel _Lindsay_

3. 15: This musician better known for the tunes "Me and the Devil Blues"and "Hellhound on My Trail" died of poisoning after drinking strychnine-laced whiskey in a juke joint.

Answer: Robert _Johnson_
7. Answer these questions about classical mechanics :

1. 5: What quantity is the difference between the kinetic energy of a system and its potential energy?

Answer: _Lagrangian_

2. 5: Which principle states that the action integral has a stationary value for the classical equation of motion?

Answer: _Hamilton's_ Principle

3. 10: Which theorem posits that symmetries obeyed by the Hamiltonian of a system correspond to conserved quantities?

Answer: _Noether's_ Theorem

4. 10: Which theorem states that the density in phase space remains constant along a dynamic trajectory?

Answer: _Liouville's_ Theorem
8. Identify these Civil War battles from a battlefield landmark for ten points each, or five if you need an additional clue:

1. 10 pts: Burnside's Bridge

5 pts: This 1862 battle was the bloodiest single day of the war.

Answer: _Antietam_ or _Sharpsburg_

2. 10 pts: The Hornet's Nest

5 pts: Albert Sydney Johnston launched a surprise attack against the camp of Ulysses Grant but was killed in 1862 on the first day of this first major battle in the West.

answer: _Shiloh_ or _Pittsburg Landing_

3. 10 pts: The Bloody Angle

5 pts: This 1864 battle was the second of Grant's Wilderness campaigns.

answer: _Spotsylvania_ Court House

9. Identify these alchemists for fifteen points each:

1. He described the preparation of sulfuric and nitric acids in his book on alchemy _De Re Metallica_. He also published _De Natural Fossilium_.

Answer: Georgius _Agricola_

2. This man who perfected the camera obscura was examined by the Inquisition in 1578 and forced to disband his alchemy school, the Academy dei Segreti. He wrote Physiognomia for his patron Cardinal Luigi d'Este.

Answer: Giambattista della _Porta_
10. For ten points each, give the character that is the subject of all of the following works. If you need an easier clue, you will receive five.

1. 10 pts: Tragedies by Cornielle, Voltaire, Trissino, Alfieri, and John Marston.

5 pts: She was the daughter of Hasdrubal of Carthage and sister of Hannibal.

Answer: _Sophonisba_

2. 10 pts: Two tragedies by Euripides, other tragedies by Goethe and Racine, and two operas by Gluck.

5 pts: This eldest child of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra was sacrificed at Aulis.

Answer: _Iphigenia_

3. 10 pts: A tragedy by Voltaire, a drama by Calderon, and an opera by Rossini.

5 pts: Mother and occasionally husband of Assyrian king Ninus.

Answer: _Semiramis_ (accept _Semiramide_)

11. Tell whether these Pacific island groups belong to Melanesia, Micronesia, or Polynesia. You will receive 5 points for 3 correct, 10 for 4, 20 for 5, and 30 for all six.

1. Tonga

Answer: _Polynesia_

2. Solomon Islands

Answer: _Melanesia_

3. American and Western Samoa

Answer: _Polynesia_

4. Fiji

Answer: _Melanesia_

5. Guam

Answer: _Micronesia_

6. Kiribati

Answer: _Micronesia_
12. Identify these authors from their literary hoaxes FTP each or from a work for five:

1. 10 pts: He satirized astrology by predicting the specific date when his rival editor Titan Leeds would die, vigorously maintaining that Leeds was dead even after the date had passed.

5 pts: Poor Richard's Almanac

Answer: Benjamin _Franklin_

2. 10 pts: His Great Balloon Hoax was prefigured by the story "The Unparalleled Adventures of One Hans Pfaal", in which a man travels to the moon in a balloon to escape his creditors.

5 pts: The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym

Answer: Edgar Allan _Poe_

3. 10 pts: In "A Petrified Man", he reported the existence of a 100-year-old mummy existing south of the town Gravelly Ford.

5 pts: "The Mysterious Stranger"

Answer: Mark _Twain_

13. This is a 30-20-10 unrelated parts bonus on books by Thorstein Veblen. Thirty points for identifying the first book, twenty for the second, or ten for the third; the bonus will end as soon as one part is answered correctly.

1. According to this book, universities have taken on aspects of corporations and trusts, relegating the pursuit of knowledge to secondary status.

Answer: The _Higher Learning in America_

2. According to this book, Germany had an advantage over democratic states like England and France because its autocracy was able to channel more of the gains of modern technology into service of the


Answer: _Imperial Germany and the Industrial Revolution_

3. This book posits that the feudal division of classes has continued to modern times, with the lords employing themselves uselessly and participating in "conspicuous consumption."

Answer: The _Theory of the Leisure Class_

14. Identify these astronomical objects for fifteen points each:

1. They were first detected by U.S. military Vela satellites launched in 1963 to monitor Soviet compliance with the Nuclear Test Ban treaty. Isotropic in distribution, they produce radiation in the high energy, small wavelength part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Answer: _Gamma Ray Bursters_

2. This largest known structure in the universe contains thousands of galaxies and spans 500 x 200 Megalightyears, but is only about 15 Megalightyears thick.

Answer: _Great Wall_
15. Answer these questions about the Lewis and Clark expedition .

1. 5 pts: Name the Indian maiden who helped Lewis and Clark in dealing with the different Indian tribes they met.

Answer: _Sacajawea_

2. 10 pts: Name the only African-American on the trip, a slave who was given his freedom by Clark at the expedition's end.

Answer: _York_

3. 15 pts: Name the only member of the expedition who died, a soldier who died of a mixture of bilious fever and probably peritonitis near present-day Sioux City, Iowa.

Answer: Sergeant Charles _Floyd_
16. Identify these artists from their Shakespeare-based works for ten points each, or from additional works for five.

1. 10 pts: The Louvre has his Hamlet and Horatio in the Graveyard (1839) and The Death of Ophelia (1853)

5 pts: It also has The Barque of Dante (1822) and The Massacre at Chios (1824).

Answer: Eugene _Delacroix_

2. 10 pts: His Lear and Cordelia (1848) is in the Tate Gallery and Cordelia's Portion (1866) is in the Lady Lever Art Gallery.

5 pts: Other works by this Pre-Raphaelite include the tondo The Last of England (1852) and Work (1852-63).

Answer: Ford Madox _Brown_

3. 10 pts: His The Three Witches (1783) is in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre; his Macbeth, Banquo, and the Witches on the Heath (1794) is in the National Trust.

5 pts: This Swiss artist who lived in England from 1741 to 1825 is remembered for The Nightmare (1781), now in Frankfurt-am-Main.

Answer: Henry _Fuseli_

17. Identify these fractals .

1. 5: With dimension log 2 over log 3, elements of this set have a ternary representation that does not contain the digit 1.

Answer: Middle-third _Cantor_ set (or Cantor dust)

2. 10: It is built by starting from an equilateral triangle, removing the inner third of each side, and building another equilateral triangle, continuing in this manner iteratively.

Answer: _Koch_ snowflake

3. 10: Let R(z) be a rational function P(z) over Q(z) where P and Q are polynomials without common divisors over the complex numbers. Name the boundary of the set of points that do not approach infinity after R(z) is repeatedly applied.

Answer: _Julia_ set

4. 5: Named after the man who coined the term "fractal", it is the set of all points for which the Julia set is connected.

Answer: _Mandelbrot_ set
18. Identify these German novels from their main characters for five points each:

1. Hans Schnier

Answer: The _Clown_ (accept _Ansichten eines Clowns_ by Heinrich Boll)

2. Gustav von Aschenbach

Answer: _Death in Venice_ (accept _Der Tod in Venedig_ by Thomas Mann)

3. Josef Knecht

Answer: _Magister Ludi_ or The _Glass Bead Game_ (accept _Das Glasperlenspiel_ by Hermann Hesse)

4. Karl Rossman

Answer: _Amerika_ (by Franz Kafka)

5. Adrian Leverkuhn

Answer: _Doktor Faustus_ (by Thomas Mann)

6. Saint Bernadette of Lourdes

Answer: The _Song of Bernadette_ (accept _Das Lied von Bernadette_ by Franz Werfel)
19. FFP each, answer these questions about Die Walkuere (vahl-KOO-ra), Part II of Wagner's Ring cycle. Note that the Wagnerian names are required.

1. The opera begins as this man who names himself Woeful is fleeing exhausted from battle.

Answer: _Siegmund_

2. This sister of Siegmund restores him to health.

Answer: _Sieglinde_

3. This man, Sieglinde's husband, challenges Siegmund to combat.

Answer: _Hunding_

4. This is the name Siegmund gives to the sword that he plucks from a tree in Hunding's house.

Answer: _Notung_

5. Name Siegmund's father who calls his son a "free hero".

Answer: _Wotan_ (not Hans Hotter)

6. Finally, this title valkyrie disobeys Wotan's commands, sides with Siegmund in his combat with Hunding, and is punished for it by Wotan.

Answer: _Brunnhilde_
20. For fifteen points each, identify these deities of Sumerian mythology:

1. This goddess of erotic love and war was the prototype of the Babylonian Ishtar.

Answer: _Inanna_

2. This god of water and wisdom lived in his watery palace in the Abzu and found a way to rescue Inanna from the underworld.

Answer: _Enki_
21. Answer the following questions about the Spanish Armada :

1. For ten points, name the commander of the 130 ships that comprised the Spanish Armada.

Answer: The Duke of _Medina-Sidonia_ (or Alonso Perez de Guzman)

2. For five points each, name the two Englishmen who fought Medina-Sidonia with their modest fleet of 197 small ships.

Answer: Sir Francis _Drake_; Lord Charles _Howard_ of Effingham

(accept: first Earl of _Nottingham_)

3. For ten, name the August 8, 1588 battle fought near Calais during which the British dealt the Spanish Armada a decisive blow.

Answer: The Battle of _Gravelines_

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