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Seeley Historical Library

November 2015

Abdulgani, Roeslan.

Bandung connection: Konperensi Asia-Afrika di Bandung, tahun 1955.

Jakarta: Gunung Agung, 1980.

Classmark: DS35 .A192 1980
Akbar, Shafiq.

Pakistan and the balance of power in South Asia.

Cambridge: [s.n.], 2015

Classmark: 9.8.6
Akers, Kathryn Emily.

Origins of the 'William Wallace Myth': 1297-1447.

Cambridge: [s.n.], 2015.

Classmark: 32.99
Archer, Michael.

Delftware in the Fitzwilliam Museum.

London: Philip Wilson Publishers, Distributed in the U.S. and Canada by Palgrave.

Macmillan, 2013.

Classmark: NK4295.5.G7 A72 2013
Armah, Ayi Kwei.

Beautyful ones are not yet born.

London: Heinemann, 1988.

Classmark: PZ4.A725 1988
Asad, Talal.

Genealogies of religion: discipline and reasons of power in Christianity and Islam.

Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1993.

Classmark: BL50 .A85 1993
Austin, Colette.

Early U.S. policy towards Israel's nuclear development programme and the origins of Israeli nuclear ambiguit.

Cambridge: [s.n.], 2015

Classmark: 9.8.8 [MPhil Thesis]
Baker, John.

Selected readings and commentaries on Magna Carta 1400-1604.

Q.C., LL.D., F.B.A., Emeritus Dowing Professor of the laws of England, Cambridge, barrister and honorary bencher of the Inner Temple and Gray's.

London: Seldon Society, 2015.

Classmark: 16.3.139
Bailyn, Bernard.

Barbarous years: the peopling of British North America: the conflict of civilizations, 1600-1675.

New York: Vintage Books, 2013.

Classmark: E191 .B35 2012
Barton, Simon.

Conquerors, brides, and concubines: interfaith relations and social power in medieval Iberia.

Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2015.

Classmark: HQ1031 .B345 2015
Bayly, C. A. & Harper, Tim.

Forgotten armies: the fall of British Asia, 1941-1945.

London: Allen Lane, 2004.

Classmark: D767 .B39 2004
Berg, Maxine.

Writing the history of the global: challenges for the 21st century.

Oxford: Oxford University Press for The British Academy, 2013.

Classmark: D13 .W784 2013
Bergquist, James M.

Daily life in immigrant America, 1820-1870.

Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 2008.

Classmark: JV6453 .B47 2008
Borman, Tracy.

Matilda: wife of the Conqueror, Queen of England.

London: Vintage Books, 2012.

Classmark: DA199.M39 B67 2012
Bray, Francesca.

Technology, gender and history in imperial China: great transformations reconsidered.

London: Routledge, 2013.

Classmark: T27.C5 B69 2013
Briggs, Chris.

Credit and village society in fourteenth-century England.

Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009.

Classmark: DA176 .B75 2009
Brown, Keith M. & MacDonald, Alan R.

Parliament in context, 1235-1707.

Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2010.

Classmark: JN1263 .P36 2010
Bruce, Mark P. & Terrell, Katherine H.

Anglo-Scottish border and the shaping of identity, 1300-1600.

New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.

Classmark: PR8539 .A54 2012
Burton, Janet, Schofield, Phillipp & Weiler, Björn.

Aberystwyth and Lampeter Conference (2011: Aberystwyth University)

Thirteenth century England. XIV, Proceedings of the Aberystwyth and Lampeter Conference, 2011.

Woodbridge: Boydell Press, 2013.

Classmark: DA225 .T4 2013
Burton, Jane & Stöber, Karen.

Regular canons in the medieval British Isles.

Turnhout: Brepols, 2011

Classmark: BX2900.Z5 G774 2011
Carey, Jane & Lyndon, Jane.

Indigenous networks: mobility, connections and exchange.

New York: Routledge, 2014.

Classmark: GN380 .I3466 2014
Carlson, John D. & Ebel, Jonathan H.

From jeremiad to jihad: religion, violence, and America.

Berkeley: University of California Press, 2012.

Classmark: BL65.V55 F77 2012
Casas, Bartolomé de las Casas.

Bartolomé de las Casas: a selection of his writings.

New York: Knopf, 1971.

Classmark: F1411 .C4273 1971

Castor, Helen.

She-wolves: the women who ruled England before Elizabeth.

London: Faber and Faber, 2010.

Classmark: DA28.2 .C37 2010
Charke, Charlotte.

Narrative of the life of Mrs. Charlotte Charke (youngest daughter of Colley Cibber, esq.)... written by herself.

Gale ECCO Print Editions copy of the 2nd edition, originally published in 1755.

London: Gale ECCO Print Editions, c1755.

Classmark: PN2598.C28 A3 1755
Chen, Kuan-Hsing.

Asia as method: toward deimperialization.

Durham: Duke University Press, 2010.

Classmark: DS510.7 .C44 2010
Chet, Guy.

Ocean is a wilderness: Atlantic piracy and the limits of state authority, 1688-1856.

Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press, 2014.

Classmark: HV6433.786.A786 C45 2014

Clarke, Peter & Duggan Anne J.

Pope Alexander III (1159-81): the art of survival.

Farnham, Surrey, England; Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2012.

Classmark: BX1226 .P67 2012
Cohen, Paul A.

Discovering history in China: American historical writing on the recent Chinese past.

New York: Columbia University Press, 2010.

Classmark: DS755 .C63 2010
Crawford, Anne.

Yorkist lord: John Howard, Duke of Norfolk, c.1425-1485.

London: Continuum, 2010.

Classmark: DA247.N67 C73 2010
Crouch, David & Thompson, Kathleen.

Normandy and its neighbours, 900-1250: essays for David Bates.

Turnhout: Brepols, 2011.

Classmark: DC611.N856 N675 2011
Crook, John.

English medieval shrines.

Woodbridge: Boydell Press, 2011.

Classmark: BX2320.5.G7 C76 2011
Dening, Greg.

Islands and beaches: discourse on a silent land: Marquesas, 1774-1880.

Carlton, Vic.: Melbourne University Press, 1980.

Classmark: GN671.M3 D46 1980
Dodd, Gwilym.

Henry V: new interpretations.

Woodbridge, U.K.: The University of York/York Medieval Press, 2013.

Classmark: DA256 .H45 2013
Finnegan, Oliver & Glover, Catherine.

British farm surveys 1941-1943: the National Farm survey of England and Wales and the Agricultural Survey in Scotland; reports and statistical analysis.

Kew, Surrey: List and Index Society, 2014.

Classmark: 14.25.364

Fisher, Greg.

Arabs and empires before Islam.

Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015.

Classmark: DS231 .A73 2015
Fleet, Christopher, Wilkes, Margaret & Withers, W.J.

Scotland: mapping the nation.

Edinburgh: Birlinn, in association with the National Library of Scotland, 2012.

Classmark: GA811 .F54 2011
Geoghegan, Peter.

People's referendum: why Scotland will never be the same again.

Edinburgh, Scotland: Luath Press Limited, 2015.

Classmark: JF497.G7 G46 2015
Gerstle, Gary.

Liberty and coercion: the paradox of American government from the founding to the present.

Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2015.

Classmark: JK311 .G46 2015
Goldie, Mark.

Reception of Locke's politics.

London: Pickering & Chatto, 1999.

Classmark: JC153 .L87 R43 1999
Goodman, Godfrey.

Court of King James the First.

London: R. Bentley, 1839.

Classmark: DA391 .G65 1839
Great Britain. Colonial Office.

Cape of Good Hope: further papers relative to the state of the Kaffir tribes: in continuation of papers presented July 1855.

London: Printed by George Edward Eyre and William Spottiswoode ..., 1856.

Classmark: Pam.6557
Gunn, Geoffrey C.

History without borders: the making of an Asian world region (1000-1800).

Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2011.

Classmark: HF3790.8 .G86 2011
Hackelberg, Florian.

Journey to the West: Chinese outbound direct investments in Germany: government vs. market considerations in firm decision-making.

Cambridge: [s.n.], 2015

Classmark: 9.8.2 [Mphil. Thesis]
Hamashita, Takeshi.

China, East Asia and the global economy: regional and historical perspectives.

Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge, 2008.

Classmark: HF3834 .H35 2008
Hammond, Matthew.

New perspectives on medieval Scotland, 1093-1286.

Woodbridge: The Boydell Press, 2013.

Classmark: DA780 .N49 2013
Hart, Peter.

Voices from the front: an oral history of the Great War.

New York: Oxford University Press, 2015.

Classmark: D546 .H443 2015

Hartvig, Nicolai.

Myanmar's regime transition and international diffusion: or legitimacy in the pacting of democratisation.

Cambridge: [s.n.], 2015.

Classmark: 9.8.5 [Mphil. Thesis]
Hefner, Robert W.

Conversion to Christianity: historical and anthropological perspectives on a great transformation.

Berkeley: University of California Press, 1993.

Classmark: BV4916 .C67 1993
Hilton, Boyd.

Mad, bad, and dangerous people?: England, 1783-1846.

Oxford: Clarendon Press, 2006.

Classmark: DA520 .H64 2006
Ilott, Luke Alexander.

Igance Gaston Pardies (1636-1673): animal souls, and the fate of Aristotelian Science.

Cambridge: [s.n.], 2015.

Classmark: 32.102 [Undergraduate Thesis]
Chakrabarti, Ranjan.

International Seminar on "Situating Environmental History" (2005: Department of History, Jadavpur University) Situating environmental history.

New Delhi: Manohar Publishers & Distributors: Distributed in South Asia by Foundation Books, 2007.

Classmark: GF661 .I585 2005
Jackson, Jeffrey H.

Paris under water: how the city of light survived the great flood of 1910.

New York: Palgrave Macmillian, 2010.

Classmark: DC761 .J33 2010
Johnston, Anna & Rolls, Mitchell.

Reading Robinson: companion essays to Friendly mission.

Clayton, Victoria: Monash University, 2012.

Classmark: DU193.3.R6 R43 2012
Kirkman, Charlotte Ann.

Apprenticeship in Christ's Hospital, London: in the seventeenth century.

Cambridge: [s.n.], 2015

Classmark: 32.106 [Undergraduate Thesis]
Knafla, Louis A.

Kent at law, 1602.

Surrey, Eng.: List and Index Society.

Classmark: 14.24.53
Knibbs, George Handley.

Shadow of the world's future; or, The earth's population possibilities & the consequences of the present rate of increase of the earth's inhabitants.

London: E. Benn, 1928.

Classmark: HB851 .K6 1928
Koopmans, Rachel.

Wonderful to relate: miracle stories and miracle collecting in high medieval England.

Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2011.

Classmark: PR255 .K66 2011
Kotkin, Stephen.


New York: Penguin Press, 2014.

Classmark: DK268.S8 K65 2014

Lam, Tong.

Passion for facts: social surveys and the construction of the Chinese nation state, 1900-1949.

Berkeley: University of California Press, 2011.

Classmark: HN740.Z9 S6752 2011
Ling, Huping.

Chinese Chicago: race, transnational migration, and community since 1870.

Stanford, California: Stanford University Press, 2012.

Classmark: F548.9.C5 L56 2012
Link, E. Perry.

Anatomy of Chinese: rhythm, metaphor, politics.

Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 2013.

Classmark: PL1279 .L483 2013
Liu, Lydia H., Karl, Rbecca E. & Ko, Dorothy.

Birth of Chinese feminism: essential texts in transnational theory.

New York: Columbia University Press, 2013.

Classmark: HQ1767 .B57 2013
López, Kathleen.

Chinese Cubans: a transnational history.

Chapell Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 2013.

Classmark: F1789.C53 L67 2013
Luu, Liên.

Immigrants and the industries of London, 1500-1700.

Aldershot, Hants, England: Ashgate, 2005.

Classmark: HD8398.A2 L88 2005
Marsh, Christopher W.

Music and society in early modern England.

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010.

Classmark: ML3917.G7 M27 2010
McMahon, Eve.

Motherhood, captivity and the contested native-early American frontier.

Cambridge: [s.n.], 2015.

Classmark: 32.103
McPhie, Jamie William.

United States and Britain's relationship with the European economic community: 1961-1973.

Cambridge: [s.n.], 2015.

Classmark: 32.100
Mittler, Barbara.

Continuous revolution: making sense of Cultural Revolution culture.

Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Asia Center, 2012.

Classmark: DS778.7 .M59 2012
Morris, George Boothen.

Thatcherism and the uses of 'socialism': 1975-1990.

Cambridge: [s.n.], 2015

Classmark: 32.101
Morris, Louis.

Ambiguous identities in the US encounter with piracy on the Barbary and South China coast: 1783-1839.

Cambridge: [s.n.], 2015.

Classmark: 32.98
Neal, Larry & Williamson, Jeffrey G.

Cambridge history of capitalism.

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2014.

Classmark: HB501 .C2417 2014

Neville, Cynthia J.

Land, law, and people in medieval Scotland.

Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2012.

Classmark: DA775 .N48 2012
Parker, Kunal Madhukar.

Making foreigners immigration and citizenship law in America, 1600-2000.

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015.

Classmark: KF4700 .P39 2015
Paul, Helen J.

South Sea Bubble: an economic history of its origins and consequences.

London: Routledge, 2011.

Classmark: HG6008 .P38 2011
Paumgartner, Magdalena Balthasar.

Magdalena and Balthasar: an intimate portrait of life in 16th-century Europe / revealed in the letters of a Nuremberg husband and wife by Steven Ozment.

New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 1989.

Classmark: DD177.P38 A4 1989
Payne, Brian J.

Fishing a borderless sea: environmental territorialism in the North Atlantic, 1818-1910.

East Lansing: Michigan State University Press, 2010.

Classmark: SH351.B27 P39 2010
Penman, Michael A.

Robert the Bruce: King of Scots.

New Haven: Yale University Press, 2014.

Classmark: DA783.4 .P46 2014
Perdue, Peter C.

China marches west: the Qing conquest of Central Eurasia.

Cambridge, Mass.: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2005.

Classmark: DS754 .P47 2005
Peterson, Glen.

Overseas Chinese in the People's Republic of China.

Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge, 2012.

Classmark: DS732 .P47 2012
Petrides, Daniel Lee.

History, temporality and politics in the thought of Friedrich Nietzsche and Reinhart Koselleck.

Cambridge: [s.n.], 2015.

Classmark: 32.105 [Undergraduate Thesis]
Phillips, J.R.S.

Edward II.

New Haven: Yale University Press, 2010.

Classmark: DA230 .P48 2010
Phillips, Lionel.

All that glittered: selected correspondence of Lionel Phillips, 1890-1924.

Cape Town: Oxford University Press, 1977.

Classmark: HD9536.S62 P45 1977
Priestley, Julia, Peñalver García, Nereo, Shulz, Martin.

Houndmills, Basingstoke Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015.

Classmark: JN33.5 .P75 2015
Prynne, J.H.

Caius and Cockerell: the transformation of a library.

Cambridge: Gonville & Caius Library, 1997.

Classmark: Pam.6558

Raeburn, Michael.

Black fire!: Accounts of the guerrilla war in Rhodesia.

London: Friedmann, 1978.

Classmark: DT962.62 .R33 1978
Redford, Charlotte Elizabeth,

Nixon's election campaign 1972 and the youth vote.

Cambridge: [s.n.], 2015.

Classmark: 32.96
Rees Jones, Sarah & Watson, Sethina.

Christians and Jews in Angevin England: the York Massacre of 1190, narratives and contexts.

York: York Medieval Press, 2013.

Classmark: DS135.E5 C522 2013
Rétat, Pierre, Ferrand, Pascal and Roux, Daniel.

Gazette d'Amsterdam: 1691-1796. Centre d'études du XVIIIe siècle et Institut des sciences de l'homme du CNRS, Université Lumière de Lyon.

[Paris?]: Fondation Voltaire, 2000.

Classmark: CD 31
Reynolds, Anna.

In fine style: the art of Tudor and Stuart fashion.

London: Royal Collection Trust, 2013.

Classmark: GT734 .R49 2013
Roberts, Peder.

European Antarctic: science and strategy in Scandinavia and the British Empire.

New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.

Classmark: G870 .R594 2011
Routledge, F.J.

Bodleian Library.

Calendar of the Clarendon State Papers preserved in the Bodleian Library. 5, 1660 - 1726: with an index to vol. 4 and 5.

Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1869-1970.

Classmark: DA400 .O95 1872
Routledge, Bodleian Library.

Calendar of the Clarendon State Papers preserved in the Bodleian Library. 5, 1660 - 1726: with an index to vol. 4 and 5.

Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1869-1970.

Classmark: DA400 .O95 1869
Rowe, Christopher Julian.

The Liberal Party, free trade and the 1841 election.

Cambridge: [s.n.], 2015.

Classmark: 32.97
Scales, James.

UK and the European court of human rights: 2010 - 2015.

Cambridge: [s.n.], 2015.

Classmark: 9.8.3 [Mphil Thesis]
Sheriff, Abdul & Ho, Engseng.

Indian Ocean: oceanic connections and the creation of new societies.

London: Hurst & Company, 2014.

Classmark: DS340 .I525 2014
Schiavone Camacho, Julia María.

Chinese Mexicans: transpacific migration and the search for a homeland, 1910-1960.

Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2012.

Classmark: F1392.C45 S44 2012
Schwarz, Matthäus.

First book of fashion: the book of clothes of Matthaeus and Veit Konrad Schwarz of Augsburg.

London: Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing, Plc, 2015.

Classmark: GT905 .S3513 2015
Shen, Grace Yen.

Unearthing the nation: modern geology and nationalism in republican China.

Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2014.

Classmark: QE13.C6 S54 2014
Sheriff, Abdul & Ho, Engseng.

Indian Ocean: oceanic connections and the creation of new societies.

London: Hurst & Company, 2014.

Classmark: DS340 .I525 2014
Shih, Shu-mei, Tsai, Chien-hsin & Bernards, Brian.

Sinophone studies: a critical reader.

New York: Columbia University Press, 2013.

Classmark: DS732 .S57 2013
Smith, Brendan.

Crisis and survival in late medieval Ireland: the English of Louth and their neighbours, 1330-1450.

Oxford, United Kingdom: Oxford University Press, 2013.

Classmark: DA990.L89 S655 2013
Smith, J. Beverley.

Llywelyn ap Gruffudd: Prince of Wales.

Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 2014.

Classmark: DA716.L55 S65 2014
Smith, Carrie, Neal, Simon R. & Leighton, Neal and Christine.

Calendar of patent rolls 45 Elizabeth I (1602-1603): C 66/1596-1606: with an appendix of dispensation rolls (1594-1598, 1601-1603): C 58/1-6.

[Kew, Surrey?]: List and Index Society, 2014.

Classmark: 14.25.363
Stephenson, David.

Political power in medieval Gwynedd: governance and the Welsh princes.

Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 2014.

Classmark: DA740.G89 S93 2014
Stevenson, Katie.

Power and propaganda: Scotland, 1306-1488.

Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2014.

Classmark: DA783 .S84 2014
Tagliacozzo, Eric, Siu, Helen F. & Perdue, Peter C.

Asia inside out: changing times.

Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2015.

Classmark: DS33.2 .A85 2015
Tan, E.K.

Rethinking Chineseness: Translational Sinophone Identities in the Nanyang Literary World.

Amherst: Cambria Press, 2013.

Classmark: PL3033 .T37 2013
Tsu, Jing.

Sound and script in Chinese diaspora.

Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 2010.

Classmark: PL3033 .T78 2010

Tsu, Jing & Elman, Bemjamin, A.

Science and technology in modern China, 1880s-1940s.

Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2014.

Classmark: Q127.C5 S332 2014
Usman, Mahmoud.

Shift from international to national oil company dominance: implications of power rebalancing and alliance-building within the oil industry.

Cambridge: [s.n.], 2015.

Classmark: 9.8.4 [Mphil. Thesis]
Van Gelderen & Skinner, Quentin.

Freedom and the construction of Europe.

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, c 2013.

Classmark: JC599.E85 F74 2013
van Hensbergen, Hester Cecilia.

Man's relationship to the state in the thought of José Ortega y Gasset.

Cambridge: [s.n.], 2015.

Classmark: 32.104
Veach, Colin.

Lordship in four realms: the Lacy family, 1166-1241.

Manchester, England: Manchester University Press; New York: Distributed in the United States by Palgrave Macmillan, 2014.

Classmark: DA205 .V43 2014
Vries, P.H.H.

State, economy and the great divergence: Great Britain and China, 1680s-1850s.

London: Bloomsbury Academic, An imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2015.

Classmark: HC254.5 .V753 2015
Wald, Jerry.

Mildred Pierce [videorecording]

Burbank, CA: Warner Home Video: Turner Entertainment Co., 2005.

Classmark: DVD 229
Wang, Hui.

China from empire to nation-state.

Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2014.

Classmark: DS721 .W337 2014
Wang, Hui.

Politics of imagining Asia.

Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 2011.

Classmark: DS509.3 .W28 2011
Wei, Chunjuan Nancy & Brock, Darryl E.

Mr. Science and Chairman Mao's cultural revolution: science and technology in modern China.

Lanham: Lexington Books, 2013.

Classmark: Q175.52. C6 M72 2013
Willem Jones, Timothy & Matthews-Jones, Lucinda.

Material religion in modern Britain: the spirit of things.

New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015.

Classmark: BR755 .M38 2015
Yongtao, Du & Kyong-McClain , Jeff.

Chinese history in geographical perspective.

Lanham, Maryland: Lexington Books, 2013.

Classmark: DS706.5 .C455 2013

Yow, Cheun Hoe.

Guangdong and Chinese diaspora: the changing landscape of Qiaoxiang.

Milton Park, Abingdon: Routledge, 2013.

Classmark: DS732 .Y68 2013
Ziegler, Zack.

A comparative analysis of human security in 2011-2014 Egypt: liberal activists, the Muslim brotherhood and the armed forces.

Cambridge: [s.n.], 2015.

Classmark: 9.8.7 [Mphil. Thesis]

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