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Domingo , are we, we of the South to yield also? and not only to yield, but to all who would effect our destruction? That is the motion now put to slaveholders in this House and [ ] I believe with the gentleman, that it is competent for this government to treat for the recognition of a foreign power, and that without regard to mere [ ] for we have recognized nations of a different color, ready, and more than one; but we stand in different relations toward Hayti . This is the only body of men who have emancipated themselves by but by masters. They have long been free, I admit; had they had been free for centuries, if Time himself will confront me, and shake his hoary locks at my motion, I would say to him, I owe more to my constituents, to the quiet of my people, than I can own mouldy prescriptions, however ancient— than I [ ] or can owe, to all past acts whatever. Mr. Grennell here moved an adjournment; and the House adjourned.

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