Accelerate Wealth with Julie Renee Doering Part 1 of 5

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Accelerate Wealth with Julie Renee Doering_Part 1 of 5

Hi, it’s Julie Renee. Welcome to Accelerate Wealth. I’m so excited for you because this is the program that is going to give you some really, really big breakthroughs. And we’re starting right off with the introduction today and you will begin to receive your support materials today. So you will start getting in your email box the meditations and the action guide, and you’ll begin to take your next steps. So we’ve had incredible results and while you’re here with me this morning, I want you to be thinking about accelerating your wealth in some specific ways. One is, how is your heath going to improve during this period. I’d like you to really embrace the idea that you’re going to be really focused on bringing all good to you. So everything that you want, you dream about, you imagine; you’re going to be focusing on bringing that into your world today and through the next few weeks. So one thing you want to look at is health; another I want you to be thinking about is how am I going to increase my spiritual connection. You know that connection with the divine really feels this organic magnetism and excitement and people are really drawn to you when you’re in love with yourself. And one of the things that helps is feeling divinely connected, feeling like you’re cherished, you’re loved, and supported which is so true; you are. You are a radiant being of light. We’re going to work on bringing more light into you today, and you so deserve all goodness in your life.

I’m so excited for fall of you being here because myself, I created this program years ago and actually, I believe that all of you probably know my story so I’ll keep it really short. I survived the atomic bomb testing and what that meant for me was to be very, very sick for a very long time. I had multiple cancers, I was in a wheelchair, I mean the story is very ginormous. And as a result, in my 30’s, I came back from my time in India and went back to work in real estate, but I had survived. I actually had thought I might die in India and I didn’t. I continued to live and I realized I needed to have a way to bring in money while I’m still going through the health crisis that I was.

And so while I was homeless selling real estate, living on the back of my car, sneaking into the office early to dress and put make-up on in the office bathroom – nobody knew, I started really creating this particular technique of magnetizing wealth and it really served me while I was very ill. Because I had another 10 years in my -- I was around 34 when I invented this technique of bringing it in or mocking it up. And I’ve really, really developed it a few years back, seven years ago, with the gratitude and the whole system that you’re going to be getting. But it kept me in food, it kept me in clothes, very shortly I wasn’t homeless anymore. It’s hard to believe that I was homeless, and I had my big breakthrough this year. So this program is so super wonderful and it’s tried and true and people use it and they get great results. But if you are like me, you might have a lot of genetic programming, like programs in your DNA that are -- you can do all the courses you want and you’re not making your breakthrough. Or you might have a lot of soul contracts or demonic curses. And so that’s what this extra bonus morning sessions are for you. They are the sessions that are going to clear that stuff. [Bells ringing] And one of the things -- oh, we’ve got some bells going off.

So one of the things we’re going to do today is we’re going to A, go over the introduction which you’ll be getting a longer version of; how to embrace the program, how to work with it. We’re going to go through a mock-up meditation and we are going to do a few clearings today. I’ve added one extra bonus class, so this is typically a 4-week class, but you’ll be getting an after-goal class a week after we complete the 21 days. So you’ll be able to continue if you want to; you might restart. A lot of people do restart. I had mentioned in the promo, in 2013 I did this program three times through. In 2014, I developed all the techniques that we’re going to use on clearing blocks to wealth and abundance and really having that flow, so we’ll be doing all the block clearings. But I did the program three times through and what that does is it really continue to amplify and create the field as magnetic for what you want. And if you are a big player and you want to play big in the world, and you want to do a lot of stuff - which I really want to do, I want to play really big, then you might want to do the program three times through a year even.

So let’s get started. Thank you so much everyone. I am interested in hearing your declarations, so if you want to say something that you’d like to make a breakthrough in with wealth, with career, with your health, and with maybe with your relationships, all if these things are addressed in this program. I’ll read a few of them and say hi to you. So if you want to type in on your screen, we’ll say good morning to everyone and then we’ll go into a meditation, we’ll come out, we’ll do a clearing. And as we’re doing the first clearing, I will go through the introduction for you so you’ll have how everything works.

So, good morning everyone. I want to just say I am mocking up my -- I’m moving into my house and I want to create grace and ease. I’ll have a few little, normal bumps I guess but I want to just create this like it’s so graceful to move into my new house. And I’m mocking up a Tesla for my new car for my birthday which is in April, so I’m not mocking it up during the 21 days. But I am mocking that up; I’m going to put that beautiful, cherry red Tesla in my space. And more time for health and vitality, for running on the mountain and doing the things I love, so I’ll be mocking up the spaciousness for exercise and prolonged meditation, and sleeping. I’ve been really working 12 and 13 hour days and that’s one of the things I want to shift in these three weeks. So those are a few things I’m mocking up. Definitely a sweetheart.

So tell me, tell me and good morning. I’m looking here, seeing hellos from everyone. So does anyone want to kind of type-in? I know there’s a little time delay. I’m looking for what you might be wanting to accomplish in the course. Okay, to create a dynamic -- hang on one second here, I can move this screen a little. “I want to create a secure retirement nest. Good morning. Less ache for myself,” that’s Susan. And Brad, “To create a dynamic business with my speaking and consulting programs that helps me attract a new house, car, and a more stable life.” I love that one Brad; I’m totally with you there. Okay, if my tech people -- it looks like someone had to restart and somebody’s not getting the sounds.

Great! Well, good morning everyone. Oh Nina, “I want to manifest ample, passive income to pay for my desired lifestyle expenses and my divine complement, true love, and life companion.” I love that! I love that! And we will be addressing partnership and love during the class, so those will be clearings that we will do. They won’t be today but -- and feel free if you’d like to send to me your mockups, you can go ahead and send them to Keep it kind of brief because obviously I have lots of things on my schedule but I will check them over for you and I’ll say, “Yes, you’re right on track with this…” or “Maybe you need to shift a little bit…”

Okay, let’s see. So Susan, “Also I have always had a lot of fears around money and would like to release them.” Perfect. Diane, “Financial freedom, vibrant health, and love in my life.” I love it and good morning, and Andrea and Gladys, good morning. I see all of you. I see someone named [Inaudible 00:10:30] And what Nina desires, Nina and I want to manifest ample, passive income to pay the desired lifestyle expenses and my divine complement, true love, and a life companion. Tom Atkin, “For me, a perfect health to start to create a business that will bring me the resources and lead to a philanthropic lifestyle.” Beautiful. And I’m just going to ask one of my team members, Andrea is having challenges with sound and hearing. Could you get her in? One of you team members who are watching, help her with that. Thank you.

Okay, well we’re going to get started with the meditation, so you can stop screening. I bet you’ve already stopped for me, thank you. You’re all so cooperative. I know you’re so excited! Me too! Alright, so let’s go ahead and do a short mockup meditation. This will give you the elements that you’ll be doing daily. And you’ll get a meditation and you’ll get an action guide, and you want to really be thinking about -- you need about an hour and a half further to accomplish the two things each day. So for 21 or 22 days, just know that this is going to take about an hour and a half a day to change your world and make your life much richer and really in the way that you imagine.

Okay, so finding a comfortable seated position with your spine erect and feet on the floor. Send a grounding cord down from the base of your spine to the center of the earth. Make the grounding cord nice and wide, set the grounding cord on release and begin to release the excess energy in the body. You can allow your eyes to close of course. And as you’re grounding and just getting settled in the morning or afternoon or whatever time of day it is for you, I’d like you to rub your hands together [rubs hands] creating some psychic heat, some spiritual energy some Tapas in the hands, in the palms of the hands. And take the right hand and put it over the heart Chakra and the left hand over the right hand in a universal Mudra of self love and self affinity. Repeat now silently three times, “I love myself, I love myself, I love myself.” And let’s just feel how that feels. Just get the feeling of deep love going on. I have permission to love myself. And the next, three times repeat to yourself, “I trust myself, I trust myself, I trust myself.” Beautiful! And you might be noticing that you’re letting go of things that didn’t work out, maybe you’re forgiving yourself now. And then the third, “I express my unique self, I express my unique self, I express my unique self.” Now allow your hands to drop to your lap and you can do Dhyan Mudra, the Mudra of infinity, thumbs and first fingers together, palms up in a receptive mode or however you want to hold your hands.

Alright and for male bodies, ground your testicles with a line of energy as wide as your wrist, hollow in the center, down to the center of the earth and set your testicles on release and release aggression, and competition, and also release control energy from the females in your life. And for those of you with female bodies, say hello to your ovaries. And with a line of energy as wide as your wrist, hollow in the center, let’s ground the ovaries down through the perineum and down to the center of the earth and set the ovaries on release. We’re releasing all the healing projects, everything that we’re working on with other people. We’re letting that go. And popping up to the adrenals and you can just keep releasing until it all release ladies. I know some of you have a lot of impacted energy in your ovaries so it may take a little while, and you’ll be doing this everyday up to the adrenals -- the acorn-like glands that sit at the top of your kidneys. And then let’s go ahead and ground the adrenals and with a line of energy as wide as your wrist, hollow in the center, down through the perineum and down to the center of the earth, and let’s go ahead and set the adrenals on release. Now this is the stressed-out fight or flight energy. And one of the things we’re going to shift for you is we’re going to shift into -- when you think about wealth, you’re going to be in your parasympathetic state which is in the excited, joyful but relaxed state. We’re not going to have you bring in the adrenals and the cortisol and adrenalin to bring in the wealth. We’re going to have you bring in the wealth by feeling relaxed and in grace and ease; so that’s a new picture for some of you. So the adrenals are releasing and let’s plug the nervous system in and let’s release the nervous system. So the sciatic nerve runs right through the adrenals and let’s go ahead plug in the sciatic nerve into the adrenals and then release the entire nervous system.

And then popping up to the center of the head and let’s go ahead and clear out the center of the head, and open up a trap door out the back, and then washing out the center of the head. Great! Close the trap door, pop up the top of the head, pull the Aura into 18 inches around your body with a golden Roomba at the top of your head in your Aura. And let’s go ahead and spiral out around the head, neck and shoulders, arms, elbows, forearms, down around the waist, and the hips, and the things, the knees, the calves. And that golden vacuum cleaner is vacuuming, spiraling around you in your Aura, vacuuming out dust bunnies and fuzz balls that you’ve picked up from other people and picked up from funky places. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Alright, I want you to open your feet to earth energy, bringing earth energy up through your feet, ankles, shins, calves, knees, thighs, out the hips and down the grounding cord. And then find a place in the universe that’s in harmony with you, bring a line of that energy in into the back of your head one inch above where the spine meets the skull and bring that down into your neck, and shoulders, arms, elbows, forearms, wrists, hands, and out the fingertips. And then bring more of that energy down through your back channels, and then down through the hips, and then looping up through the pelvic cradle, and coming up through the belly, through the chest, through the neck, through the head, fountaining out the top of the head like a beautiful Italian fountain bathing and cleansing your Aura. You’re doing a great job.

You’re going to pop up into the center of your head again and sit in on your throne in the center of your head. Imagine there’s a screen in front of you and what we’re going to do now is we’re going to imagine on the screen or you can just imagine out in front of us, all of us in a big circle in front of the whole group, a helium balloon or a hit-air balloon. And then let’s go ahead and really see that balloon wide open and spacious. And what we’ll be doing now is we’ll be putting our mockups into the balloon. A mockup is said clearly and distinctly and it’s short, but you’re going to learn how to do this, so not to worry that you get it perfectly right now. “I see myself moving into my new home in grace and ease…” So that would be a mockup that I would put in. Now I want you to spend a minute or two in your mind’s eye and put mockups into the bubble. I see myself increasing my global reach. I see myself coaching an amazing group of people. I see myself with income from various sources giving me a beautiful lifestyle. I see myself and a wonderful new car, new home. I see my practice growing. So go ahead now and I’d like you to make a quick four mockups, at least four into the mockup bubble.

Beautiful! Now you’re going to be getting the meditations, so not to worry if you didn’t get it all sorted out and I g you a lot of amazing examples in the meditations that you’d get through the three weeks, so you’ll be getting a few different meditations. You’ll start with one main one that gives you a lot of really solid examples.

Alright my dears, we’re going to show this hot air balloon filled with mockups to the Supreme Being and just maybe in your mind’s eye again looking up to the Supreme Being asking for blessings on this mockup bubble and on your intentions for your future. And let’s go ahead and let that balloon float away into the universe, ready to come back to you in its perfect time.

Beautiful and I’d like you to -- you’re sitting in the center of your head, I’d like you to imagine now a golden sun at the top of your head and just bringing that golden sun with you as a spirit all the way back into your body and filling in all the cells in your body, all the way down to the tips of the toes, and the tips of the fingertips, fingernails, fingertips and toes, through your arms and legs, torso, neck, and the head. I’d like you to imagine a spiritual stretch; like you’re stretching, and stretching, and stretching as a spirit into the body. And maybe you could even stretch your muscles in your physical body and just stretch, stretch, stretch. A great big yawn, [yawns] and come back in the room. May it be with the blessings of the Supreme Being that this mockup meditation is complete. Tathaastu. So be it.

And welcome back! So I’d love to hear from a few of you on how that was. If what you saw, what shifted for you if anything, what it was like to do a mockup meditation, and as you’re typing in, I’m going to start with the first official clearing. Obviously we’ve already started clearing. So the first official clearing what we’re going to do is two things. Hold on a second. There we go. Let me just keep track of what we’re doing. Yes, and I keep changing in light and nothing is changing the room. I don’t know if there’s any way to stabilize Google Hangout, but anyway.

Okay, so we’re going to do one clearing on bringing the light into the body and a clearing on self love, self trust, and full self expression. Because even when we say it, 95% of people don’t really resonate with it because there are blocks from past lives and group mind that don’t give you permission to actually own it. So for those of you who maybe are apprentices of mine, you’re welcome to start using the quantum pump and actually, all of you can do the pump. So go ahead and get your hand going to help with this. So first of all we’re clearing out satanic or dark energy from the body. And then we’ll go through - without identifying them all because we have a big group and we’ll just understand that there are billions - soul contracts, soul contracts of others, demonic curses, group mind, group virus, black magic, curses, and traumatic episodes from past lives, emotions, and DNA. We’ll be clearing all of that.

Okay. Nina, “Am allowed to have affirmations and more positive after the meditation. I try to do one of your meditations every day.” Chantelle, “I feel calm. My computer froze and I could not get on the Webinar.” Oh no. Interesting. Back to calm, I understand the whole story Chantelle and we want you here, so you’ll be able to watch this all week long. It will be up for you, so if you want to replay it ever day, you can. Susan, “As usual I feel more relaxed and more positive after the mediation. I try to do one of your meditations.” Well, thank you Susan. Nina, let’s see okay, we did yours. Tom felt great, “Good to feel the future get started.” Brad, “That was awesome.” Oops, sorry Brad you disappeared. Ann, “I feel lighter and happy.” Beautiful, beautiful. Thank you much.

You know I think what we’ll do is we’ll send out an announcement on which Facebook we’ll be sharing. We will set-up a group Facebook page. So if you want to be sharing your breakthroughs as you’re going through the class, let’s go ahead, we’ll create that for you this morning or in the next three hours. We’ll get a Facebook page up for you guys to share on and we’ll send you an invite so you can chat with each other about your breakthroughs. I think that will be wonderful and I’ll keep an eye on the page, so if there’s a question, you’re welcome to -- actually that is probably a good thing to do. Just send it to the Facebook page, the question, if you have a question for me and I’ll be monitoring the page. Okay, that sounds great. So instead of sending it to my mail, go ahead and send it to or put it in the Facebook page so everybody can see it. I think that would be wonderful.

Okay, what we’re doing right now again is we’re bringing the light into the body. At a recent immersion program, we really cleared this for humanity, so it’s going to move pretty fast, bringing one of light in and then the ability to love yourself, to trust yourself, to express yourself fully. And one of the things I noticed is even if people can say it and they use as much emotion as they can, they still are pretty blocked. We want it to resonate as true. And we’re also going to be clearing today the ability to bring in money to maintain it and then to grow it and I’d also like to get to pictures of servitude and slave pictures. Those will be great to clear on the first sessions, and we have five sessions. We have five sessions so we’ll have the afterglow also, so we should get to many, many, many, many, many, many programs. We should be able to clear a lot.

One of the things by the way about the program and not to be flustered with yourself is understand it’s a process. And what’s typical for my students is that it will take anywhere from -- I don’t know, 5 to 10 days, somewhere in there but usually about day 8th or day 9th, there’s a breakthrough where you feel something shifted, where you’re not in your head anymore, you’re coming from your authentic sole purpose. And just don’t worry about when you’re going to get there. Once in a while, it takes people almost the whole time to get through to their authentic mission. And I know some of you have declared that one of the things you really want to do is breakthrough and get to your mission during this 21 days and this is a really great way to use this. I think the other thing is understand that if you start with something that’s believable, you start with something that you can believe before you go for ‘I’m creating a million dollars.’ Start with something where it may be10% more than you’re creating now, or just a cup of coffee or a bouquet of flowers, and that will part of the exercise. You’ll get that assignment at some point during the series. But if you can think about it that way, that this is a process and as I master the little things, my body gets used to this way of creating. I think that’s the best way to say it, because we somehow trip ourselves up. There isn’t a block on creation but it’s us stopping creation. And so if you can start with things that you believe you can do, then your belief system can go up higher. Some people are great at dreaming and I know my brother is. He like makes these really big dreams, but he’s on Social Security. He’s like talking about a jet and multiple homes and I’m like, “Okay, well that’s really good…” And he goes, “No, I can relay imagine it.” And I’m like, “You can imagine it, but if there’s not a container for how it will happen and there’s not a way that you can do it, you can dream all you want and you’ll have it in your dreams, but you won’t have it in a physical world.” So what we’re really doing here is we’re helping you step up.

Next week, we’ll be working in a bigger wealth field. So you would have already had seven days of meditations, you would have gotten tense initial first clearings. One of the things that I was very excited about taking on this year, this past year was bringing in a couple kings, really billionaires. Jeff Hoffman former Priceline CEO and Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul, the secret star, are friends of mine and they’re in my space. I was able to work with Jack and do my VIP Program with him. And what I got to observe is how these kings who are worth -- run their field differently and how things shift, and I’m going to be sharing that in the clearings that we do. So we should be able to get you all to a much higher level of being able to be magnetic. And what’s interesting is they’re just like everybody else, except their field is so expansive and they’re so like expectant that this should happen, this should happen. It becomes natural and they do not create out of – you know, the fingernails holding on, or that cat hanging on; they don’t create like that. They create by a knowingness and a power.

I got some comments here, let’s see. “I feel that after the clearing, I will start to see changes in brining an income in my life.” Elena, hi! Tanya, “Or are we stopping?” I don’t know what that is Tanya. I’m here okay. Dianne, “Feeling release of energy and peaceful.” “Am I allowed to have affirmations and mockups or does it have to be something I see myself doing? For example, I can mockup something like I desire to be rich.” That’s an interesting question. One second. Ann feels lighter and happy. You can use your mockups in thousands of different ways. So there’s not an absolute rule but if it is that you are wanting to manifest change, then you’re going to be wanting to do some of the mockups very specifically on areas where you have funnels open that things can shift. So that question, ‘I deserve to be rich.’ The ‘I deserve to be rich’ is not a mockup; that is a clearing. That would be something we do in a clearing but that would not be a mockup. But you could do it like, I see myself clearing a million dollars this year by supporting people with my new internet business. Or I see myself clearing 100,000 this year by supporting people in my internet business. So you could do it that way but just arbitrarily, this is kind of, “I see myself as wildly rich…” it could work but you’d have to have funnels for it. Like the believability factor would have to be there.

Okay, I see a huge rise in light. We’re through that clearing and then we have cleared I love myself, I trust myself, express my unique self; so there should be an actual shift. You should start feeling something different. Those are all clear. We’re going on to the servitude and slave pictures, so we’ll be clearing that next. The sun is starting to come up here. Yay! So again, you’re pumping and we’re clearing the servitude and slave pictures that keep your head down. The pictures in your space that would have you never really be able to hold on to money because you had to kind of hide and be subservient to others. I see this a lot with women that they get really hooked up in taking care of everybody else. Ladies, it’s part of our brain and if it’s part of our survival mechanism, but if you want to step into more power and more of a leadership role, you got to let that go.

I know when I say power to women, they’re like “Ahh!” Men like the word power; it’s not so threatening to them. But women seem to, “Oh my God, power!” But let me tell you that power without greed, power is what changes the world and true power comes from the heart. And obviously from the belly, obviously our will integrated with our heart and a good strategy that’s going to get it where we need it to be. And it’s certainly something -- as a female, a very female leader, obviously I’m very female, very feminine, power is exciting to me now and it certainly was something I had to work on. When I first started like listening to the idea of power, let’s clear that as well. So any blocks to be willing to be powerful in the slave pictures we’re clearing, let’s take that out, so all the sole contracts found in the DNA. We’ll be working and clearing that too. I am powerful beyond measure. So that was the step I took. When I was looking at the power that these gentlemen that I mentioned earlier wielded, they are willing to be powerful. They’re willing to stand on their power and with a very sweet nature; both of them have a sweet nature.

So we’ll clear the word greed also from the body, because greed tends to hook us up. It certainly repels wealth, true wealth - greed does. But it also prevents is from steeping into wealth. We’re afraid of greed and we don’t want to be seen as greedy and so then we don’t step in to that full power. So that would be another thing, when we clear the word itself. And you probably don’t have it yourself but maybe your father had it, or your uncle had it, your grandpa had it, or somebody. So we just clear that out.

I see a bunch of comments coming in here. “What does it mean you’re pumping this?” We’re pumping with the quantum pump and this is moving the quantum field so it’s creating a change. Chantelle, “Does using pono technique –“ I don’t know that technique. I can’t [Inaudible 00:38:55] because I don’t know it, but let’s see. When I test it, it tests at 40% effective. Andrea, “What does it mean when you’re pumping?” Okay, that one I answered. “Power with grace and ease.” I love that, Cathy. Ann, “The funnels for money and the believability absolutely helped in what I have brought in so far. The new job and etcetera.” She says etcetera but there’s been some very, very, very cool breakthroughs for Ann including selling a boat in the middle of winter. That’s pretty cool. Tanya, “Instead of do we block creation or are we blocking nd receiving what we have created?” Blocking creation, blocking and receiving what we’ve created. I think we’re actually stopping it from coming in to manifest form. That’s the best way I can refer to it and I don’t think we do it deliberately. I think that there are so many programs running. I know when I was -- I’ve been really working at a move for three years and I just couldn’t get there. I could move but I couldn’t move into the A+ house I wanted to move to and I didn’t want to move without moving into an A+ house.

And the condo I’m in which I’ve lived in or 13 years, it feels like I’ve been just stuck here. It’s like, I don’t know, like I couldn’t shift it and I didn’t want to move to something that was only a ‘C house’, and I didn’t want to move to a neighborhood that wasn’t going to be the one I wanted to live in. It wasn’t like I was blocking something; I didn’t think that I was blocking something but there was enough in my field that was shifting and changing that it allowed me just recently in the last couple of months to say, I’m buying a house now, I’m buying it in an A+ neighborhood and have the wealth and abundance to actually make the shift. So that’s from clearing all that stuff, I’m sure it’s from clearing all that stuff because I wouldn’t say that I deliberately blocked anything, and I bet none of you are deliberately blocking anything from bringing in wealth, so let’s just keep on with all these amazing clearings.

Let’s see, lots of things coming in. Norma, “I accept where I am right now, here and now and I am much more expansive, interested in clearing lots of money this year.” Clearing I’m assuming is bringing in -- it looks like a thousand but I’ll bet it is. “Connection with real source of abundance, willingness to be powerful desire to have a nice home, a wonderful car.” Chantelle, oh no, okay that one I’ve read. Theresa, “I say very often, I am the power and I really feel excited about it.” I love that. Good for you. That’s wonderful when you don’t have that block. “I mean a million dollars.” Thank you, Norma. And what we’re going to do in this first round of course is do something, if you’re making 50,000, we’re going to make it 100,000. So we’re not going to the million first; we’re going to go to something that’s believable first. Yes, thank you for all the wonderful comments.

Okay, so let’s see where we’re at with the clearings. Okay, good, we’re successful. You guys are doing an amazing job. You’re helping me so we’re pumping really fast and we’re moving things really well. So we’re all the way past the great pictures and the slave pictures and power, power beyond measure. Alright, let’s see. What are the next ones to do? Okay, so the next ones that I get are, I can heal and I do heal, around wealth and abundance. I can and do experience these shifts in my body in present time, so let’s go ahead and clear that next. Because some people will clear them and the clearing will be effective, but they won’t be able to integrate it in their physical experience; so let’s get that out of the way too today.

Chantelle has a great question. “When we pump, are we visualizing or feel-sualizing god light or divine love clearing us?” You could. The quantum pump, actually once you start it, it’s like a mechanism that came with the human design, so once you get into the quantum field, it happens, so you could visualize if you wanted to. That would be good. Brad, “Can you help with making money than losing money a start-stop kind of cycle I’ve been in?” Yes, definitely. Let’s put that on the list, start-stop. So that means you can make money but you can’t sustain it and you can’t sustain making money, so that’s the sustainability thing that we’re definitely working on with everybody, so that will be a great one to put in that formula.

So we’ve got another 15 minutes for our first class. I’d like to just kind of go over the rules of the class. So today you’ll be getting -- I believe we’ve got it set-up right after the class is complete, you’ll be getting your Introduction Day and I want you to do your best to get through the introduction and the first meditation. And for some of you in different parts of the world, this might be later in the day and I understand if you start tomorrow, that’s fine. What I want you to do is make a really commitment to yourself to show up for yourself every day. So find a way to get your meditation in everyday, get your action guide done every day. I guess that’s about an hour and a half that you’ve got to carve out of the day. It’s so important if you do the 21 days all the way through, you really do start getting a kind of momentum going in your energetic space, that if you’re bits and starts, you can’t do. Maybe that’s another thing we should clear is the ability to follow-through with this program, so let’s clear that too.

And Cathy, so I love that you’re writing in and also when we send out the Facebook group link, please put your desired clearings in and also your mockups in for me so that I can formulate how we get all of those clearings done for all of you over the next four weeks. As you know, let’s see -- so Cathy, “I tend to give everything away. I would like to share in moderation.” Beautiful! I get that. Giving everything away is part of what women. It’s this thing that we’ve got wired into our brain and our hormones, that we’re safe if we take care of others. So we’ve got to wire again, I’m safe and I can receive ad I can hold and sustain what I receive. “Need clearing on power. When I am in my power, people are afraid.” That’s a different kind of power. We’re talking about power from the heart, not control. So I get what you’re saying and there’s something about domination and control that is wired-in in our culture and let’s go ahead and clear that for you because actually, it’s collapsed into the idea of power but it isn’t actually power, its domination and control and people are afraid of being dominated or controlled.

By the way, when you’re with someone and they feel frightened, it’s because you’ve extended your Aura into their space or you’ve actually extended your spirit into their space. So I want you to imagine pulling your Aura into 18 inches around your body, pulling yourself, tighten up, pull yourself back in, and then stand in your power. I’ve been able to really keep my energy pulled in. I’m a very, very big spirit in a little body. I’m only 5’6 and my spirit is like 9 feet tall. I used to walk around and people at the farmer’s market that were from Afghanistan, they’d go, “Wow, a spiritual teacher is coming.” Because I would be so extended; my Aura and me would be just like thick and wonderful but nine feet out and I’d be picking up everybody’s gunk in the farmer’s market. And people would comment about, “Wow, I could really feel you.”

And I have really changed the way I am. I don’t need that, I don’t need that validation and outer validation and honestly I didn’t know I could change it. I pull my Aura into like eight or nine inches around my body most of the time, especially when I’m out. When I’m at home, I’m not so diligent about it but when I’m out, it’s close to me and people feel safe. They don’t feel like you’re trying to do something or get in their space or control them somehow, so just a little sophistication there. And you could just imagine pulling your energy back. If you could imagine pulling your Aura in and you could imagine pulling spirit and control energy back to yourself, so that’s the difference. And you know I stand in a lot of power. People would say you really model this very -- I don’t know, clean, or sweet, feminine energy and we get how powerful you are. And so understand that it doesn’t have to be that we have to be threatening. We don’t take out the domination and control and then you get this true power which is love, comes from love. And thank you for giving me that to springboard from this. That was fun. Yes and then I get a request on being gullible and scam artists, so one of the things I changed for myself a couple of years ago was discernment, being able to discern. And then there might be also some things in soul contracts, Susan on having people take advantage. “Well paid jobs but lose the job shortly after. Is there a sustainability issue?” I’m sure there is. “Need more clearing on the power.” Yes, exactly. Okay good, very good.

Could each of you let me know, just type in, “Yes, I’m on Facebook.” Because I think that that would be a really good way for me to actually gather what you’re all looking or and create the next few weeks so that we touch n everything that’s really important to you. Because this class is all about you, it’s not about me. I can teach you what I’ve learned and I want to, but I want you to have your breakthrough in this class. I want you to be one of my students who have a testimonial up like the ones you saw that are just widely successful, that something really happened. Think about Steve and he lives real close to me, just a normal kid of everyday guy who closed more business in a two-week period than he ever had before doing this wealth program. So a techy guy who’s not really a meditator had this incredible result. There’s every version and it’s not that you have to be real spiritual to be really successful in this program and I want you, I want everyone of you to have a big success story. And how it starts is it starts by learning; you’re in kindergarten today. And you might not be in your doctoral program for three cycles or five cycles. Understand that you’re shifting your energy.

Am I getting yes? Yes. Okay, Charlotte’s not on Facebook. Somebody else said, “No, but I can join.” You now if you’re not on Facebook, I can have one of my tech people help you set up just a Facebook account so that you can get into the page, so you can just click and you’re right there. So you could send if you needed help but Facebook is very easy to join. It takes five minutes. But if you want one my team to help you, walk you through the steps, we’ll do that for you. Because we really think that if we get a forum, we get people talking with each other and I think that that’s going to be the way to do it.

Life is a fight and a struggle.” I get that, okay. “Yes, I’m on Facebook.” Good. Oh, thank you Tonya. “I’ve had an amazing Christmas because of your VIP Program. My body is spontaneously reshaping itself based on what I feel I should look like, feel like, and move like that.” Amen! And that’s so amazing because that was one of Tonya’s real intentions coming through the mockup program -- mockup program, sorry VIP program – was to reshape her body into the youthful, vibrant, attractive, beautiful -- she’s always been beautiful, so that’s incredible Tonya. “Yes, Facebook.” “I’m not on Facebook but I can under a different name.” Yes, whatever you want or you could just do your initials, that would be fine too. So it’s just so that you can interact with people. “Can join Facebook.”

Okay, good. Alright, it looks like there is three or four of your that are going to need to join and I promise we will have that link out to you mid-day in the next couple of hours so we can start the conversation and review homework and talk about what you’re breakthroughs are. It would be really fun to start seeing is anything starts shifting from the mockups this week. We know that things start shifting with mockups, within the program, you get a lot of shifts but let’s see if anything happens in the first few days. Let’s see, yes it’s going to be a private page again. Yes, absolutely. Just for this class. So you’ll get an invitation, my administrator will accept you onto the page so other people won’t be on the page.

Okay, we have four minutes left and all the slave stuff is cleared. The word greed is cleared. The I can heal, I can heal my relationship with money, I can and do experience the changes -- all of that is cleared. Start and stop, we didn’t get to start and stop yet but we will put that, we will definitely wire that in hopefully next week. I think that we can get that in next week. And I love your requests, so put them on the Facebook page. These are the five, or six, or eights things, or two things that I know that if they change and this is no longer part of my life, my life will be better. That’s what I’m looking for from you.

Okay, we’re going to end with a little affirmation and a little love. So let’s go ahead and do the rubbing our hands together again [rubs hands] and creating some heat in your hands. And then, I’d like you to actually form a cup that’s called the Miracle Mudra or cup of love and it’s actually in front of your heart, so right here in front of your heart. And I want you to just feel the love and abundance flowing into Miracle Mudra, so really feeling, maybe close your eyes and just accept. Be willing now to accept the love, the abundance, the joy, the wealth, the career, the funnels, the new car, the new home, the sweetheart, the divine complement, accept and just feel this gold energy flooding, flooding, flooding into the hands and all of the universe just gifting, gifting, gifting to you, flooding in, flooding in. And then I want you to tip it into your chest and right hand over left and receive it. Allow all of what the universe is bringing to you to be received and brought in and affirm, I am willing to accept my power, my abundance, my wealth, my joy. I am willing to accept love in my life and I accept love in my life. I accept power, I accept joy, and any other affirmations you want to use as you tip this abundance into your heart and feel it flowing into your body. You are powerful beyond measure, you are a powerful radiant of life and i love you. Alright my dears, that’s all for now. God bless. We’ll see you next week and we’ll see you on the Facebook page later today.

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