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Associate of Applied Science Degree

2006-2007 Catalog
This degree prepares the student for a career as a bench jewelry technician. It provides specialized focus on jewelry fabrication, stonesetting, lost wax casting and repair. The coursework is designed to provide the student with skills necessary for a career in the jewelry industry. Graduates will be prepared to take the national certification test for Bench Jeweler Technician administered by the Jewelers of America, Inc.

Program Course #

Course Title

Sem Hrs.

Sem Taken


College (If not ACC)

HRGY 1401

Jewelry Techniques I


HRGY 1448

Jewelry Repair/Fabrication I


HRGY 1441+

Stonesetting I


ENGL 1301

English Composition I


ARTS 1303

Art History I


HRGY 1402+

Jewelry Techniques II


HRGY 1409+

Jewelry Casting I


HRGY 1449+

Jewelry Repair/Fabrication II


HRGY 2430

Chasing and Repoussage

COSC 1301

Personal Computing


MATH 1333+

Mathematics for Measurement


HRGY 2435+

Precious Metals I


HRGY 2433+

Jewelry Casting II


HRGY 1442+

Stonesetting II


SPCH 1318

Interpersonal Communication


ARTS 1301

Introduction to The Visual Arts


HRGY 1417+

Applied Jewelry Practices


Social and Behavioral Science


HRGY 1491

Special Topics in Watch, Clock, and Jewelry Repairer


HRGY 2436+#

Precious Metals II


+ Prerequisites: See Course Descriptions.

# Capstone course
Final approval of degree plan for graduation is provided by the Admissions Office. Application for graduation must be on file in the Admissions Office before the published deadline of the student’s final semester. The ACC Catalog contains important information about graduation.

ARTS 1301 INTRODUCTION TO THE VISUAL ARTS (3-3-0). (Art Appreciation) The visual elements and principles of art; their nature, function and relationship in painting, sculpture, architecture and graphics. Emphasis on basic approaches to understanding works of art and the development of personal interpretations. Lecture and discussion with visits to museums. Skills: E
ARTS 1303 ART HISTORY I (3-3-0). A critical and analytic study of the great historical works of art in architecture, painting, and minor arts from prehistoric times to the Renaissance. Skills: E
COSC 1301 PERSONAL COMPUTING (3-2-2). A hands-on course for the development of skills needed to use personal computer systems for business, individual, and educational applications. Learn word processing, database management, spreadsheet development, and how to use the operating system. Keyboarding skills are not required, but are helpful. May not be applied toward a CSC degree. Fee: $12 Skills: R
ENGL 1301 ENGLISH COMPOSITION I (3-3-0). A study of the principles of composition with emphasis on language, the mechanics of writing, the types of discourse, and research and documentation. Skills: E
HRGY 1401 JEWELRY TECHNIQUES I (4-3-3). An introduction to basic techniques of jewelry repair, including layout, sawing, filing, emery, soldering, ring construction, and bezel setting. Emphasis on industry standards. Fee: $24 Insurance: $3.50
HRGY 1402 JEWELRY TECHNIQUES II (4-3-3). Continuation of Jewelry Techniques I with emphasis on polishing. Fee: $24 Insurance: $3.50 Prerequisites: HRGY 1401.
HRGY 1409 JEWELRY CASTING I (4-3-3). Emphasis on lost wax casting, both centrifugal and vacuum processes, including an introduction to wax carving and mold making. Fee: $24 Insurance: $3.50 Prerequisites: HRGY 1401 or Instructor approval.
HRGY 1417 APPLIED JEWELRY PRACTICES (4-3-3). Survey of the business practices of the jewelry industry. Emphasis on communication skills, security, insurance, copyright/trademark law, industry organizations, and common ethical expectations within the industry. Fee: $24 Insurance: $3.50 Prerequisites: HRGY 2435.
HRGY 1441 STONESETTING I (4-3-3). Focus on channel, bead setting, and bright cutting techniques. Fee: $24 Insurance: $3.50 Prerequisites: HRGY 1449 and HRGY 1448 or Instructor approval.
HRGY 1442 STONESETTING II (4-3-3). Continuation of Stonesetting I. Focus on prong setting, repronging, retipping, and reheading. Fee: $24 Insurance: $3.50 Prerequisites: HRGY 1441.
HRGY 1448 JEWELRY REPAIR/FABRICATION I (4-3-3). Emphasis on techniques, the fabrication and repair of jewelry. Introduction to equipment and techniques of jewelry manufacturing, including assembly of findings. This is the Capstone Experience for the Certificate in Jewelry. Fee: $24 Insurance: $3.50
HRGY 1449 JEWELRY REPAIR/FABRICATION II (4-3-3). Continuation of Jewelry Repair/Fabrication I with emphasis on techniques, fabrication, and repair of jewelry. Introduction to equipment and techniques of jewelry manufacturing including chain repair and electroplating. Fee: $24 Insurance: $3.50 Prerequisites: HRGY 1448 or Instructor approval.
HRGY 1491 SPECIAL TOPICS IN WATCH, CLOCK, AND JEWELRY REPAIRER (4-3-3). Topics address recently identified current events, skills, knowledge, and/or attitudes and behaviors pertinent to the jewelry technology or occupation and relevant to the professional development of the student. Topics initiated by students on current industry practices with instructor approval. Fee: $24 Insurance: $3.50
HRGY 2430 CHASING AND REPOUSSAGE (4-3-3). Methods of cold working non-ferrous metals and the malleability of these metals. Emphasizes chasing and respoussage techniques along with the cold working methods of forming, joinery, and surface embellishment in the design and creation of jewelry and small metal objects. Fee: $24 Insurance: $3.50
HRGY 2433 JEWELRY CASTING II (4-3-3). Continuation of Casting I. Includes instruction in mold making and vibratory finishing. Fee: $24 Insurance: $3.50 Prerequisites: HRGY 1409.
HRGY 2435 PRECIOUS METALS I (4-3-3). Emphasis on layout, bright cuts, baguettes, marquise, pear, cushion, and emerald cut stones. Focus on utilization of commercial shop guidelines. Fee: $24 Insurance: $3.50 Prerequisites: HRGY 1402.
HRGY 2436 PRECIOUS METALS II (4-3-3). A continuation of Precious Metals I. Focus on layout, bright cuts, baguettes, marquise, pear, cushion, and emerald cut stones as well as pave in precious metals. Includes utilization of commercial shop guidelines. This is the Capstone Experience course for the Associate of Applied Science degree in Jewelry. Emphasis on speed. Fee: $24 Insurance: $3.50 Prerequisites: HRGY 2435.
MATH 1333 MATHEMATICS FOR MEASUREMENT (3-3-0). A course designed for non-mathematics and non-science majors. Topics include logic, variation, functions, equivalence, congruence, right triangle geometry, and other measurement topics. Skills: S Prerequisites: A passing score on the mathematics portion of the THEA test or a satisfactory score on the ACC Mathematics Assessment Test or MATD 0360 with a C or better and completion of TSI mathematics requirements.
SPCH 1318 INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION (3-3-0). Theories and practice in verbal and nonverbal communication with a focus on interpersonal relationships. Emphasis on improving interpersonal skills and helping students increase their communication competence in everyday social exchanges. Skills: E

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